15 Wild Animals That People Found a Place for in Their Homes and Their Hearts

2 years ago

From a rescued cow enjoying regular bubble baths, to a wild fox cozily cuddling with a dog in their owner’s bed, to an injured kangaroo living happily together with its owners — these are just a few examples of how people happened to share their homes and hugs with animals who were born to live in the wild.

We at Bright Side need to remind you that keeping a wild animal in your apartment can be dangerous. But just take a look at these 15 animals that have become the sweetest fluffy companions for their humans.

1. A cow takes a bubble bath at Iowa Farm Sanctuary.

Angel has been adopted by the owners of a vegan, non-profit Iowa Farm Sanctuary. She is a zebu cow and she has a special condition, her legs are paralyzed, so her loving caretakers give her bubble baths to make her more relaxed and to take care of her hygiene. Angel adores the bubbles, just like a kid.

2. If a possum lives in your apartment, it can be found in the most unexpected places.

3. Domestication went well...

4. Let a fox into your bed and it will steal both your bed and your dog.

5. This hedgehog just loves long walks!

6. It’s always warm when your best friend is beside you.

7. “This is my adorable baby squirrel.”

8. Watch out! Otters have very specific food preferences.

9. “Meet our new family member Otti the baby skunk.”

10. “This is not a succulent pot, hooman, it’s my bathtub now!”

11. This baby squirrel is cozily sleeping because he knows he’s safe.

12. “Once, we found an injured kangaroo. We kept him and we couldn’t stop collecting them. We have 17 of them now!”

13. A newborn fennec fox says “hi” to the world.

14. “My friend raises wild cats. This is one of her rescued cheetah cubs.”

15. “My friend rescued a chipmunk from a storm and it fell asleep right in his palm.”

Have you ever wanted to adopt an unusual animal? If yes, what kind?


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What animal is the one that says "This little boy got domesticated" ?


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