16 Computer Techs Share Some of the Craziest Things They’ve Seen at Work

2 years ago

Computer problems are as common as rain in the Amazon rainforest, and they can happen to anyone. Whether it’s the blue screen of death, a frozen image, or just slow performance, technicians never seem to run out of things to fix. And sometimes it’s not the regular performance issues — they can sometimes come across things they’ve never seen before and might not be able to fix at all.

Bright Side would like to give computer technicians a big badge for their patience and ability to fix the unfixable.

1. “A network rack at a public institution, before and after”

2. “The user said it got caught in the subway doors.”

3. “What mandatory sanitizing at work did to my brand new $2,000 laptop last winter”

4. “Disk fragmentation at 15%”

5. Simon says, “Just one USB flash drive at a time.”

6. “Anyone want to guess what happened to the server?”

7. “Customer states they saw ‘a couple of ants’ entering the rear vents of their iMac.”

8. “Thanks to poor planning, this is how I have to service this equipment.”

9. “The new BookMac Amateur”

10. “A friend did this.”

11. “My team took over a building’s IT and found their dumping ground.”

12. “Just some iPads with holes drilled into them”

“Apparently, some people don’t know how to wipe a device in iTunes to remove data...”

13. “Cleaning Chromebooks at the school I work in, this is fourth grade.”

14. “End-user had a heater next to the PC, which was randomly shutting off.”

“She thought she had smelled burning a couple of times.”

15. “Computer froze, boss.”

16. “Priority mail, RIP”

What is the most terrible thing that has happened to one of your gadgets? Was it something you caused?


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