16 Inventions That Will Change Your Life for the Better

3 years ago

Electric lights and anesthesia seem like nothing out of the ordinary to us. But one day, a long time ago, these inventions changed humanity’s life so much that they got on the list of the 10 greatest inventions. And we are sure that some modern devices would love to try and take their place there.

Bright Side likes anything that makes our life easier. That’s why we found devices that were created for this. And the best part is that we can have them right now.

1. Cotton swabs with iodine can be used to treat any wound. Just snap one side, wait until the iodine flows to the other bud, and apply it.

2. An automatic cable winder can solve the problem of tangled wires.

3. Protective foot stickers, for enjoyable barefoot walking

4. You can use this bottle for 2 different drinks at the same time.

5. You can create volumetric drawings with this 3D marker.

6. Water will no longer spray on you with this sink protector.

7. Painting your nails has never been so easy and clean.

8. A small trash can that you can hide under your table

9. A bottle for pets where you can keep water and food

10. A suitcase for kids that they can ride on

11. Garden gloves that also work as a garden tool

12. Measuring spoons of all sizes in one

13. This 3-in-1 machine lets you save space and cook your breakfast all in one place.

14. A portable chair that you can take with you everywhere

15. Pit remover for cherries and olives

16. A special clip to help you cut your bangs smoothly

Which of these products would you buy? What other useful inventions do you know of? Expand our list in the comments.


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