16 Kids That Know Exactly How to Drive Their Parents Crazy

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2 years ago

Being a parent is never an easy task. And even though there are a lot of useful books now that can prepare us for this role, not a single book can prepare you 100%. When you live together with a little angel, you always have to be on the lookout: new discoveries are waiting for us around every corner. And not all these discoveries are nice.

Bright Side came across these 16 people that found out that children can be a sort of natural disaster that you just can’t avoid.

1. “My beloved daughter came to me and asked, ‘Hey dad, what are you doing?’”

Got to agree with her question, I mean, wow, so much concrete, how many bodies are under there ?


2. “Spent $150 on a pool for this kid who’d rather be in a paint container.”

3. “Whenever I get baby fever, I look back at the time my cousin got stuck inside of a claw machine”

4. “Have kids they said. Being a father is awesome they said...”

5. “This is pure torture and they’re just feeling it.”

6. Well, he didn’t mean to.

7. They really do need a lot of attention.

8. “Caught our child cheating while we were quizzing him for his test.”

9. Oh, the ideas they get in their heads!

10. Sometimes you just lose your focus for one second and...

11. “What my daughter drew on the back of her school work... At school... Sweet baby Jesus”

12. Logic

13. “My 5-year-old just learned that 911 still works on old cell phones. He was playing cops and robbers with his brother... and apparently needed backup.”

14. “Come see what I put in the toilet!”

15. Now, this is a set-up.

16. “Silence in parenting is ALWAYS a bad sign. This is the moment she realized she can’t wash off permanent marker.”

What funny things have your children done? What did this mean for you?

Preview photo credit guyrleech / Twitter


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