I Was Roommates With a Victoria’s Secret Model — She Kept Disgusting Things in Her Room

2 months ago

A TikTok influencer, Taylor Paré, recently revealed a decade-long secret about a past “nightmare roommate.” Notably, this roommate was a well-known Victoria’s Secret model. The video, garnering a staggering 9.2 million views, captures Paré’s side of the story during her time living in New York City with the unnamed model. The internet has now dubbed the scandal as “PoopGate.”

“When I first moved to New York, I lived with a Victoria’s Secret model who had a secret, and I kept it for 10 years, but let’s get into it,” starts her story Paré. The story commences with the model enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, mingling with prominent figures in the fashion industry like photographer Steven Meisel and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Paré provides a detailed account of the peculiar behavior, highlighting the roommate’s tendency to outdo others and fabricate stories about her life. In her video, Paré openly shares, “Right off the bat, the vibes were off. She loved to one-up people. She was also younger than everyone. So I thought maybe it was just an insecurity thing.”

She went on to reveal that the unidentified model was entangled in numerous falsehoods concerning her childhood, work and social status.


So, Paré decided to keep some distance from her roommate, and things got even worse. Little by little, Paré began realizing that her things were disappearing in the apartment — T-shirts, skincare products, makeup, and even prescription medication. At first, she thought she might be imagining things, but her other roommates assured her that they, too, had noticed similar disappearances.

One day, the model walked into the apartment after attending some big party during fashion week. “And she was wearing the shirt I was wearing two days prior,” Paré recounts. “And I knew it was my shirt because it still had my orange makeup at the top and that wasn’t her shade, and also it’s a really unique shirt,” the TikToker explaines.

Paré decided to confront her and said “nice shirt”. She recalls, mentioning how her roommate claimed to have gotten the shirt on set for a campaign. “I’m like literally it has my makeup on it, dude. You’re not slick,” continues her story.

Undeterred, Paré goes on, “She gets dressed and goes to the Harper’s Bazaar’s Icon Party and I have another glass of wine and look at the girls and say ’Girls I know what I’m doing tonight, I’m going through all of her stuff. And that’s exactly what I did.’”


In her search, Paré asserts she discovered a suitcase filled with items she believes her roommate had stolen from her and others in the apartment. “I was horrified to find that she stole things from every single person in the apartment. Like pens and cups, tons of prescription medicine that she would not have been able to use,” the blogger recalls.

But it didn’t stop there. She also hid incredibly disgusting things. “This is the grossest part. She would keep all of her trash, dirty used tampons, tissues that she would wipe her nose, her butt. Like you’d see poo on them. She’d keep them all in her suitcase that was kept in our apartment,” Paré recalls this terrible picture.

According to Paré, the contents of the suitcase became a breaking point for the roommates. The same day, they kicked the model out of the apartment.

The model has continued her career and is very famous today. “We still see her around, but it’s awkward. Oh, and now she’s like super famous and doing really well. And ever since that summer, she’s blown up and just makes so much money,” Paré claims in her video.

Following the video’s posting, more than 6,000 users have commented, urging Paré for details about the model’s identity. However, in a subsequent TikTok video, Paré clarifies that she won’t disclose her former roommate’s identity.

She explains, “I’m not going to dox the girl online either, that’s not what I’m here to do. But I will be here to give clues.


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