16 Mysterious Things Even History Experts Don’t Know the Purpose Of

2 years ago

You can find something unexpected just about anywhere: in the attic, in the basement, in an old chest, or in a newly rented apartment. Some things look so strange, we have no idea what they’re even used for. In situations like these, Internet users always offer their help.

We at Bright Side love looking at weird discoveries and trying to guess the reasoning behind them. We suggest that you try to do the same.

“Pottery bought in Mexico had a hole at the bottom as well as through the center shaft, thus could not hold water. What is it?”

“On a road in Israel, I saw 2 strong rubber wires. What are they for?”

“I saw these dots in a power outlet in a hotel. This is not a button.”

“This is an all-metal object, pumpkin-shaped. No markings, wondering what it’s used for. Found it at a ski cabin.”

  • It’s a fruit bowl. We used one of those at our restaurant to hold oranges for pressing juice. © dyoelle / Reddit

“It’s a cylinder with a flashing light.”

  • It’s a drowning detection device. They’d normally be placed at corners of a pool and work by sending beams between units, and if the beam is broken (by someone falling into the pool), they trip. So, presumably, it could do the same function above ground. © ksdkjlf / Reddit

“Found this beautiful flat copper object in an Airbnb kitchen, what is it used for?”

“Around 8 years ago, I got this thing. It’s an opener, but a terrible one. Why are there teeth on it?”

“What is this pot inside of the fireplace of the apartment I am renting in Italy?”

“Dozens of metal cones on a roller handle”

“A small bronze container with a screw cap and a small stick”

“It looks like a medical device, maybe for dentistry. It was found on the curb during hard rubbish collection near my house.”

“Black plastic hanger”

“Found these in the trails at Lake Anna State Park, VA. What are these things?”

  • The precise spot used to survey the trail left by the surveyor so any follow-up work can be based on those exact points. © OG-420 / Reddit

“This is a metal container with a glass bowl in the base. The metal is light like tin or aluminum.”

  • Looks like an aluminum candy dish with a glass insert. Popular in the mid-century and earlier. © raineykatz / Reddit

“What are those 2 circle things on the dash of my Toyota Prius?”

  • The one on the left is a solar load sensor for automatic air conditioning, and the one on the right is an ambient light sensor for automatic headlight operation. © dirtymopwater / Reddit

“A vintage emerald green vessel with removable carrying handles, 9.5” diameter with 6″ hole. What is this thing??? Did it have a lid?"

  • vaporizer bottom, we had one when I was a kid. It had an aluminum cover and a heating element where the steam came out. Usually, the top survived and the glass bottom got broken. © wireknot / Reddit

Were you able to guess the purpose of any of these things?

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Preview photo credit WitchsWeasel / Reddit


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