10+ Photos Proving That Social Media Pictures Are a Shameless Lie

10 months ago

When trying to become social media stars, people use different tricks to show their life from the best angle. When it comes to social media sites, people’s imaginations are limitless and sometimes we just don’t understand how they come up to these ideas.

Bright Side has collected the most surprising examples of how those beautiful social media pictures, that cause so much envy, are created. There’s also a bonus at the end: the image of an Instagram girl who looks completely different in real life.

11. Single? No problem!

10. Professional photographer tricks

9. When it’s not raining:

8. This awkward moment

7. This is why items we buy online are so different from those we actually get!

6. “New Mercedes”

5. New sneakers! Paper sneakers...

4. “Cuddles with bae.”

3. Genius

2. Support from your friends is everything.

1. The most incredible friendship

Bonus: “My little Luna on Instagram vs Real life”

Which tricks do you use to take the perfect picture? Share some tips with us!

Preview photo credit IndecisiveSlacker/ imgur


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I don't have any tricks. What I do use is filters! Love filters. Anyone else has good tricks?


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