16 Photos That Prove How Perfect Fits Can Be Completely Random

year ago

Most people will agree certain images make them feel calm and soothe their inner souls. That is because specific colors, patterns, and textures can hit our souls and brains to their core. And this effect helps people mentally escape from their stressful life, even if it’s only for a few seconds.

1. “The perfect parking space”

2. “Stroopwafle in a mug but better”

3. “Like a glove”

4. “My lemon in my glass”

5. “My dinner plates apparently fit perfectly in my pan lid. But now I can’t get it out.”

6. “Finally got a picture of my cat looking at the camera.”

7. “My wife did the Toblerone thing at the Matterhorn today. Couldn’t have asked for better weather.”

8. “How this wood is stacked”

9. Must have been an excellent driver.

10. “A cork coaster so I can play at night without waking the kids.”

11. “My parents’ Hoover under their cabinet”

12. “My wedding ring perfectly fits into the Dell logo on my keyboard.”

13. “The way this packing material fits in a coworker’s doorway”

14. “I opened my medication and found 7 pills perfectly stuck at the top.”

15. “These little bowls in this big bowl”

16. “Blue tarpaulins on this construction site look like the sky.”

Which one of the pictures above calmed you the most, and why do you think these perfect-looking images are so soothing?


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