17 Kids Who Prove That Creativity Has No Limits When It Comes to Toys

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4 years ago

Nothing can stop a child’s imagination especially when it comes to having fun with their friends. Children around the world make their favorite toys out of nothing and the results are truly genius! From cardboard boxes and plastic bottles to trash cans and mud, everyday things are given a second chance in creative kids’ hands.

Bright Side is always here to share smiles and that’s the whole purpose of this collection. Kids create their own amusement from just about anything, reminding adults to think outside the box. The bonus at the end of the article will inspire you to make some awesome DIY toys with your kids!

1. This guy dreamt of having a mobile phone, so he made one.

2. This Rwanda gang worked together and made a great bike.

3. A handmade pool table is all it takes to become a master of the game.

4. A mariachi band is born in Africa.

5. This girl who wants to be a fashion designer already made her first bag!

6. This little driver in Angola made his truck with whatever he found on the street and it’s so good.

7. Let’s go fly a kite with this boy’s creation from a plastic bag.

8. This creative girl makes cute animal toys with chenille sticks.

9. A paper ball is this guy’s way of having fun with his friends in Zimbabwe.

10. A tiny, handwritten computer is this guy’s way of learning.

11. This boy transformed cardboard boxes from shipments of humanitarian supplies into a bus.

12. A boy made an awesome homemade car from an oil can.

13. This Indian boy’s favorite toy is a homemade cricket bat.

14. These kids in Botswana, Africa are so happy with their handmade guitar.

15. This kid made a massage chair for his grandma and it’s so adorable.

16. This innovative child made his new toy all by himself out of canes.

17. Her favorite stuffed friend wanted to zipline, so she made him happy.

Bonus: Following in the footsteps of his father who’s a filmmaker, this fella is playing with a handmade cardboard camera.

This mom made a tiny dollhouse for her daughter. Υou can check out her Instagram account for more!

There’s nothing better than a homemade guitar for a future rocker.

Kids set no limits to their imagination and creativity when it comes to playing. What was your favorite toy as a child? Did you ever create your own toys? What was the weirdest thing you’ve ever played with? Share your childhood memories with us in the comments.


I wasn't really creative as a kid, so I didn't create toys myself.
But when I was a teen I was into cosplay and created some stuff myself: armor, swords, shoes..
I wasn't this creative at all!
the biggest thing I have ever made and it way my 'toy shelter' was a little shelter made out of tree branches and leaves. It was dirty but cozy :D
My favorite 'toy' was wet sand :D
I played in it the whole day, created 'houses' and even ate it

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