17 Photos Proving That Even Your Own House Can Sometimes Surprise You

2 years ago

Old homes often have lots of secrets. They might be some old decorations, random things, and even secret rooms. Even new homes can hold some secrets, and there’s no way you can stay indifferent about such finds.

We at Bright Side have looked into homes and apartments where the owners found some secret rooms, unexpected things, and old relics.

1. “Our ’new to us’ house has a secret panic room that wasn’t included in the listing! Built in 1978 and I love this place!”

2. “Our old home has a bookshelf that can be opened into a tiny secret room.”

3. “In my 1880 home, we found Victorian tiles under a faux fireplace.”

4. “Found this locked safe under the carpet of an estate home I recently purchased.”

5. “My dorm’s lobby has a secret door.”

6. “Removed the carpet in one of the bedrooms to do up the hardwood flooring, found these ink prints from old newspaper underlay.”

7. “This old outlet we found under our carpets when we redid them!”

8. “A wall was removed in a Victorian house we are working on, which revealed an old cast iron fireplace.”

9. “A carving found under old sheetrock”

10. “I found a secret tunnel under my stairs in the house I’m renting.”

11. “I was clearing the garden on a house I bought a year ago and found a hidden key from the previous owners.”

12. “Found the original wainscoting in our 1895 Victorian hiding behind the drywall.”

13. “A bookcase in my new house opens up to a secret room.”

14. “I’m an electrician and was working on an old home built in 1935. I found a secret door there.”

15. “An old brass doorbell hiding under layers and layers of paint”

16. “A hidden room in my great aunt’s old house”

17. “We removed some decades-old linoleum flooring and found a linoleum ’rug’ underneath.”

Have you ever found any secrets in your home? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit cannm / Reddit, d416 / Reddit


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