18 People Who Proved the Hardest Thing About Success Is Getting Started

3 years ago

Getting a new job, growing long hair, finishing the largest crossword in the world — of course, all these things require patience. However, it’s all about getting started, and then things will get easier. You just have to tell yourself it’s time.

We at Bright Side are inspired when we see the good results of someone’s hard work, and we’d like to share with you 18 photos to motivate you to take that first step.

1. “7 years difference. It was the best decision of my life!”

2. “4.5 years of hair growth”

3. “I was homeless for 3 years. Monday, I begin my career as coordinator of a homeless shelter.”

4. “Gave my depression dungeon a makeover!”

5. “Years ago, I bought my parents the world’s largest crossword as a joke. Today, they finished it.”

6. “5 years. Small habits can lead to big changes!”

7. “The before and after of the fireplace in my living room.”

8. “You too can repair your hair!”

9. “I recently finished my first ever 5K. That guy napping on the beach would not have believed that was possible.”

10. “Maintaining and building muscle!”

11. “I cleaned it. Yay, spring!”

12. “I’m pushing more again and working hard.”

13. “2 days’ work all by hand. I’m proud, at least.”

14. “I have gained a whole new life.”

15. “My friend wanted nothing more than to be a firefighter his entire life. His dream recently came true.”

16. “1 year and 2 months”

17. “Before and after of my 8-year project”

18. “After two and a half years, I’ve done it. I’ve reached my goal weight!”

What are your goals this year? What’s your biggest dream in life?


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