18 Women Who Decided to Dye Their Hair but Something Went Wrong

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2 years ago

Perhaps each girl has a story about an unsuccessful home experiment with her hair. Sometimes we think, “What’s so difficult about dyeing? I can do it myself.” But in fact, it turns out that no one can do this work better than a professional stylist or colorist.

We at Bright Side found girls who were brave enough to share their sad experiences and who showed the entire internet how their at-home hair dyeing experience ended — we would like to personally cheer each of them up. The bonus part will show you that you can expect a setup, even by using simple internet life hacks.

“I tried to bleach the fiery color out so I could go silver lavender but the yellow won’t come out! I bleached twice and used a color remover.”

“My friend bleached my hair and started with the roots so now I have this. I am so lost.”

“I wanted a bubble gum pink color for this summer but I got orange hair instead.”

“Hair color disaster. I spent $100 to get a professional bleach and color. It was supposed to be smokey lavender.”

“It was ALL supposed to get bleached, I dyed over it with orange to try and make it look cute, obviously it didn’t work.”

“Mistakes were made. New dye not coming for another 6 days. Luckily I don’t have to leave the house.”

“Tried dying my hair ‘ash khaki’ and it came out blue 🙃 No idea what to do.”

“I wanted to dye my hair dark copper for my birthday and now I look like a carrot.”

“Is this fixable with toner or do I need to go to a professional?”

“This is what happens when you try to dye your hair pink and you don’t wear gloves. It took about one week before my hands were back to normal.”

“Tried to bleach my whole head to dye my brown hair. But only half of it actually bleached. Why???”

“Just dyed it pink 2 weeks ago and I absolutely hate it. How long until I can make it back to my natural brown?”

It seems this girl can’t fix it herself. She will have to go to a professional colorist.

“I helped my sister to dye her hair purple. We bleached it, then we used permanent brights. It came out a dull blue instead of purple. Most of the color is gone now.”

“I bleached my hair, used toner, and now my hair is full of colors. Do I have to accept the consequences?”

“Home bleach failed. My stylist was able to save a lot more hair than initially thought.”

“I wanted platinum hair.”

“The balayage I asked for vs What I got. They refuse to give me back my £120 ($165) too.”


When you decide to try a life hack from the internet:

Have you ever had this kind of experience? How did you find a way out of the situation?

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