19 Photos That Are Literally the Embodiment of Difference

5 months ago

Many things in our world can only be understood by comparison. For example, the way a woman’s body changes after childbirth can be seen in the side-by-side before and after photos. It is easier to assess how much the haircut has changed your pet if you know how overgrown it was before the visit to a groomer. And you can look at these comparisons non-stop.

“My twin and I. Most people wouldn’t believe we are twins.”

“My hands under a UV light”

The kitten used to fit in the palm of my hand, but now it takes up half the bed.

“My thumbs are different shapes and sizes.”

“Me at 41 weeks pregnant, 6 weeks and 3 months postpartum”

“I feel like I’m finally seeing results after eating clean and working out 5 times a weeks.”

“My flat on the second day after the purchase vs. My flat after the renovation that went on for 3 years”

“This is me and my wife 32 years apart.”

The plate on the left stayed in the box and the other one was washed regularly in the dishwasher for 3 years.

“My childhood friend has changed a lot over the years.”

“Found my childhood teddy bear’s twin on eBay and was shocked at the difference.”

Peanut weight: Shelled vs de-shelled

“The colors of the markers I got vs how they actually show up (minus one broken marker)”

The dog looks like a completely different animal after haircut.

Here’s the difference between pockets on women’s jeans and men’s jeans.

“My arm vs my calf”

“Same outfit, me 105 pounds lighter”

“My hand now vs 35 years ago”

“New shorts vs 4 months of use as a painter”

“Left: I’m 11 years old, and I hate my long hair. Right: I’m 20, I stroke my bald head and I’m very happy!”

And there is also a huge difference when people start cleaning their old places. Have a look in this article.

Preview photo credit fran0942 / Reddit


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