20+ Photos Before and After Cleaning That Can Make You Feel Extremely Satisfied

5 years ago

Cleaning can be a boring activity but the results sometimes overcome all possible expectations. With the help of cleaning, you can learn that your garden table is not actually green, how 50-year-old dirt looks like, and even find a whole new room under piles of dirty clothes.

We at Bright Side get inspired by examples of miraculous transformations and believe that cleaning can lead to miracles. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that will prove to you that skillful hands can scrub off even centuries of dirt.

The first cleanup of the room after a 2-year depression

It’s surprising how much an elementary storage system can change.

That’s what happens with a garden bench if you don’t wash it for 16 years:

“How I spent my Sunday”

How to change the interior quickly:

“That’s what my kitchen looks like when my husband is out of town vs right before he comes back.”

No, these are not new stairs. These are the same stairs but washed.

Polishing this much can result in the presence of a genie.

You can even wash the stones in the fountain if you want to.

The most difficult thing is to start.

If you keep putting off the cleanup for 5 years, its results will be more noticeable.

Turns out that this table has never been green...

Even a rusty “bucket” can be transformed into a cool car.

You don’t even need a time machine to feel the difference.

It seems someone has used the magic outside Hogwarts once again.

That’s what happens when you hire a person who likes to clean stuff:

You realize how dirty the headlights of your car were only after you clean them.

“We were going to buy new chairs but first decided to clean the old ones.”

That’s what 50+ years of dirt looks like:

While some people feel too lazy to wash a sink, this guy has cleaned a whole house.

“4 hours, 2 movies later — I finally cleaned my room.”

Not does only smoking harm your health, but also the inside of your car.

This amount of sorting takes great courage:

If you feel that your flat is perfectly clean, open the cover of the system unit.

The house of your dreams could be hiding behind a mess.

If you feel like cleaning, do it like the girls in the Finnish army.

It took 5 days to clean this house, and the results are worth the effort.

Bonus: the work of a restorer doesn’t differ much from the work of a magician.

Have you ever done such a noticeable cleanup or are you someone who likes to keep everything organized at home? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit Liverpool Echo


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