20 Photos That Can Make Anyone Throw Themselves Into Cleaning

3 years ago

Can you calmly walk by a dusty TV or do you find yourself looking for a dust wand at the sight of the slightest mess? Do you even own a dust wand? If you do, you’re on a first-name basis with a cleaning routine. But it’s too soon to be hitting the panic button— it’s good when you clean your house, just as long as you don’t get too crazy about it.

Bright Side gathered 20 incredible makeovers that will make you want to fetch your brooms, dustbins, and dust wands — even if you had different plans for this evening.

1. FYI: this bench was never green. It’s dirt.

2. “I’d forgotten what the paving slab used to look like.”

3. A little dirt can never hurt a Jeep.

4. This church hasn’t been cleaned since it was built 134 years ago. Some people were sure that it was made of black bricks.

5. “I never thought that the ‘after’ photo of clean stairs can be so satisfying.”

6. We can almost hear this carpet screaming with glee.

7. These are shoes from the same pair:

8. A platinum ring that hasn’t been cleaned for 20 years

9. “I’ve been cleaning an apartment where a guy smoked 3 packs a day for 25 years. Just look at the ceiling!”

10. “These chairs and a table were built by my wife’s grandfather. We were sure that it was their original color.”

11. Once, this part of New York was lit up by a coal power plant and the houses were covered with coal. Now they’ve been cleaned.

12. “I cleaned my house.”

13. “My wife cleaned the knobs off of the old cabinets.”

14. Now this table is as good as new!

15. What a pressure washer can do to a really dirty bathroom:

16. We can have BBQs here again!

17. This makeover is almost magical:

18. “I got transferred to a new McDonald’s store. First thing I did was scrub their fryers.”

19. We guess Mr. Clean was here.

20. If you really need to clean something, this is how you should do it:

Bonus: “Clean me like one of your French rugs.”

Can you assess the level of your cleaning obsession on a scale from 1 to Monica Geller? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit xTrekSuubie/reddit


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