20 Adorable Photos of Animals Doing the Weirdest Things

5 years ago

If you think there’s nothing your pet can surprise you with, take a closer look at their behavior with a camera by your side. They play tricks on each other, behave like humans, and find the most creative ways to show us their emotions. Some of us get lucky and are able to snap those hilarious moments to share them with everyone online.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t help laughing at these cute animals behaving in the most unexpected ways. Will you share our excitement?

1. You’ve got to check the temperature first.

2. A nice, warm, perfect place

3. “Nice new grass you had there, Dad!”

4. “Hey, there! Would you give me a ride?”

5. Just a dog walking itself

6. “Good afternoon, sir. We’d like to open a savings account, please.”

7. “Don’t ask me why, human.”

8. “May I take this toy to my bed, please?”

9. “C’mon, honey, give me a smile.”

10. “A cat? What cat? I’ve seen no cats.”

11. There’s always that someone who ruins a group photo.

12. “One tuna sandwich, please.”

13. When they give you a mattress but forget about the blanket:

14. A raccoon having a snack before a long flight

15. How could anyone be so gorgeous?

16. “This is the softest pillow you could think of.”

17. Reaching zen

18. It looks like everyone feels comfortable...

19. Inspired by the seals

20. “May you all love your cats, humans. So be it.”

Which of these animals surprised you the most with their behavior? Tell us in the comments!


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