17 Times Mother Nature Decided to Be Creative

5 months ago

Nature is full of surprises, and every day we learn a thing or 2 from our surroundings. It may be something awe-inducing or plain fun, but discovery always plays a big part in keeping our brains active and helping us stay smart and quick. There’s nothing better than appreciating it with a healthy perspective.

1. “Hairy armadillos have orange bellies.”

2. “The rain was so heavy that it created these little dirt monoliths everywhere.”

3. “Indigo cap mushrooms show off their biological light show.”

4. “This is how giant Galapagos tortoises sleep.”

5. “I found the left stone years ago at a beach and the right stone today in a forest.”

6. “My scars only show up when my feet are cold.”

Sometimes, our bodies also hold mysteries that make us special and unique.

7. “Jabuticaba trees bear fruit on their trunks and not on their branches.”

8. “Mt. Rainier casting a skylit shadow during sunrise”

Nature is no exception in making us look twice when we see their “optical illusions.”

9. “Santa Cruz pier is full of sea lions.”

10. “Snowflakes in Ohio came down as lines.”

11. “The roots of these sprouts grew in the shape of a leaf.”

12. “The Hercules beetle, one of the largest flying insects in the world”

13. “An albino raccoon hanging out”

14. “Ginkgo biloba looks like it’s made of gold this time of year.”

15. “A hummingbird made her nest on my patio. Her eggs hatched on Mother’s Day.”

16. “These frogs’ perfect camouflage”

Wildlife has a penchant for deceiving our eyes. Sometimes, all we have to do is take a double-look.

17. “I was studying when a wild aurora appeared.”

Preview photo credit TheP**Flyer / Imgur


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