18 Photos That We Don’t Expect to See

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Our fascination with the strange and unusual mysteries of the world is never-ending. Luckily, the universe is filled with increasingly odd things, whether they are man-made or natural. Perhaps the best thing about being born in this day and age is that we can constantly feed our incessant curiosity about these things through the internet, as these 18 pictures prove.

1. “Anyone else have a ‘geographic’ tongue?”

2. “A decade old banana my dad found in his ski jacket.”

3. “My yarn bowl boy”

4. “Uncentered pupils”

5. “This tree branch is zig-zagging.”

6. “My kitten hasn’t lost his baby teeth so now he has 2 fangs.”

7. “My new kitty appears to have some extra toes.”

8. “My staircase fingers”

9. “Gas bubbles in my eye”

10. “My arm after about an hour of sanding”

11. “This watermelon exploded while trying to cut it open and left this half had this tongue you could wiggle around.”

12. “Got a haircut. Noticed tiny hairs lodged in my fingerprint a few hours later.”

13. “My dog has a heart-shaped nose.”

14. “An extremely oblong egg”

15. “Tongue-tied: Somehow, while brushing my hair, I tied a knot around one of my taste buds.”

16. “Does anyone know why my finger is like this? My other one looks the same. I’ve never broken them.”

17. “This twisted carrot”

18. “I found a pebble that looks like a slice of French toast.”

There are endless fascinating things around us every day. Here are some more to fulfill your curiosity!


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I'm curious to know whether that's dabs that looks like hair or he has really hairy arms with sand on.


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