17 Movie Clichés That Have Nothing to Do With Reality

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The film industry has become so ingrained in our lives that sometimes we really want to live the life of a movie character. However, no matter how hard we try, everyday life never seems to resemble the big screen. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry about this, as most situations in movies have nothing to do with reality. Our authors have set out to discuss the things that often happen on-screen but almost never happen in real life.

Dirty paws on the couch

In movies, a happy dog after a walk enters the house and immediately jumps on the couch. The owners of this naughty dog don’t run after them with a towel in hand to wipe their paws. Instead, the characters happily sit next to their pet and turn on the television.

The sixth sense in animals

Movie dogs are specially trained to bark at bad guys and wag their tails in front of good guys, while cats arch their backs in front of anything related to the supernatural world. In movies, pets never approach the villains, but in reality, anyone with a treat has a chance at winning their affection.

Bringing questionable coffee to the bed

A beautiful but very impractical gesture, so beloved by filmmakers, is coffee in bed. It’s not very clear how it relates to real life when, at this time, your teeth aren’t brushed, you need to go to the bathroom, and, in general, you are afraid of spilling this coffee on your sheets.

Stores that have everything

Even in the smallest store in the middle of nowhere, there will always be exactly what is needed for the plot. In real life, however, it is not uncommon to spend hours wandering through a huge supermarket in search of a particular item and never finding it. In movies, on the other hand, there is always magically available food and clothing, and the shopkeeper will even provide important information.

Nobody has ever heard of lines in supermarkets.

Movie characters are incredibly lucky — they never have to painfully stand in lines. At the checkout counter, they are either the first or the only ones there. Cashiers are always quick and don’t make mistakes. After all, have you ever heard in a movie, “Get the key, we need to cancel the transaction”?

Noise doesn’t bother anyone.

Characters hear every word, even if they are in a noisy bar and music is blasting from the speakers. In real life, people in such situations can only have a conversation by getting as close to each other as possible and shouting at the top of their lungs.

Very early birds

What time do movie characters wake up so that they have enough time for a run, a shower, a full breakfast, and conversations with their family? We, on the other hand, only have time in the morning to take a few sips of coffee and often have to figure out breakfast at our workplace.

Incredible precision

Every time people play something in movies, whether it’s a video or an audio recording, they always land precisely on the right spot, down to the second.

Perfect-looking ordinary people

The idea of an ordinary person among filmmakers compared to real people is greatly different. When a character starts to despair over losing a job as a mundane store clerk, you want to shake them and say, “Dude, have you even looked at yourself in the mirror? A 2-meter tall handsome man with a magnificent muscular figure and soulful eyes like yours — every modeling agency would be begging to have you!”

Incredible twists

We don’t envy movie lawyers at all. Every time an incredibly dramatic moment occurs, the other party suddenly presents evidence or a witness that completely changes the course of the case. As surprising as it may be, the judge usually has no idea that it’s coming either.

Fake-sounding lines

“Lifeless” phrases that characters constantly throw at each other are very weird. “What’s wrong with you?” or “Are you okay?” Who would come up with these lines in real life?

Good-looking injuries

On perfect heroic bodies, you won’t notice the consequences of minor everyday injuries. In real life, we are doomed to hide a bruised knee under our pants for a week after hitting it against a table corner. In movies, all the scrapes that a hero gets throughout the film look quite aesthetically pleasing and even make them appear more courageous.

Not caring about hygiene

Sometimes movie characters are so thirsty that when they come home, they immediately rush to the fridge, take out some kind of drink, and greedily drink it straight from the shared bottle. In real life, such sloppiness would surely incur the wrath of the other household members.

“Sorry, we’re in a rush.”

In adventure movies, you can often see spectacular chases, in which participants skillfully push through a crowd on escalators, in shopping centers, or in restaurants. One can’t help but ask the directors, “Guys, have you ever tried to rudely push your way through a dense crowd in real life without getting a scolding or worse?”

Very eager reporters

No matter how small the town is where a movie takes place, at least a third of its population seems to work in the media. Otherwise, there is no way to explain the fact that the homes of criminals and their victims are always surrounded by dozens of people armed with the most modern photo and video equipment.

Hugging at night

Movie characters love to embrace their partners at night with passion. Somehow, they manage to hold their significant other in their arms without disturbing their sleep. In real life, this trick can easily end up in a sleepless night for both partners — and tomorrow is a workday!

Convenient neighbors

Movie neighbors have one distinguishing feature: they’re always at home when they’re needed. And when their presence is not desirable, the front door of their house is most likely left unlocked — all you have to do is turn the handle. In real life, we hardly know who lives next door to us, and we’d certainly never think to enter their home without permission.


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