People Named 21 Movie Clichés That Made Us Want to Blurt Out, “Really?”

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We love movies because they offer us a getaway from the problems that we have to deal with in our daily lives. But sometimes, this magical world of illusions annoys us because it’s too detached from reality. For example, movie characters always speak and write correctly, and when they get letters, they are opened incredibly quickly, as if nobody even sealed them. And this list of irritating clichés is far more extensive than that.

  • When movie characters type something on the computer and never make typos — they never confuse the language they type in. And, of course, they don’t delete half a sentence because they accidentally typed the wrong letter. I’m very annoyed by this cliché as an editor.
  • Dreaming of kissing a beautiful woman when they’re actually being licked by an animal. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • People spend all their time hanging out at the coffee shop (practically living there), ordering food, and laughing all day and night without worrying about work or other normal daily activities. © Abdullah Shiryar / Quora
  • If a girl is arguing with you in real life and you kiss her to shut her up, she will most likely not appreciate it. © spoookykid / Reddit
  • I must protect this person, so I’m going to leave them completely ignorant of the danger they’re in and possibly cut off communication, so I also can’t warn them not to do certain things. © Brit_J / Reddit
  • There’s always the twenty-first-century feminist character inserted into historical fiction who’s not been socialized in the time she’s supposed to live. The typical: “Oh, Elisabeth Alexandra Victoria dear, why must we wear these ghastly, oppressive things?” In nineteenth-century literature, a form of this character often exists — like Jane Eyre, Helen Graham, Elizabeth Bennet, or Jo March. But we watched these women navigate their progressive ideas using the language and ideals of her time, and it was so much more fascinating. For women of the time, their reality was normal. A woman might find corsets uncomfortable, but she’s more likely to think, “I want a more comfortable corset” than “corsets are a tool of the patriarchy, and all women should be free of them.” © Rivki / Quora
  • Whenever people play something back, be it a tape recorder, video recording, or whatever, they can always fast-forward or rewind it to EXACTLY the point they want with perfect accuracy. © Cupelix14 / Reddit
  • The phone only rings to move the plot along. My phone only rings due to scammers or bots calling. © Booner999 / Reddit
  • When the girl the main protagonist likes doesn’t like him back, the main protagonist bothers and stalks her for so long that she finally falls in love with him. In real life, she would probably call the police. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • Every letter is easily opened by flipping the top flap of the envelope as if it was never sealed. No one ever tears or cuts the envelope on its short or long sides. © Ajit Parkash / Quora
  • There is always a park outside the apartment block, restaurant, or office tower. Even in Manhattan. © Nicola Buzan / Quora
  • I hate how the school bullies are always members of the school’s sports team (usually football). Basically, anyone in high school wearing a sports jersey will be a complete fool. © Chris Williams / Quora
  • The way actors dramatically circle each other while they’re having conversations. It’s something stage actors are taught to do to make the scene more dynamic, but it’s not something people ever actually do in real life. Imagine chatting with your buddy somewhere, and he just starts circling you mid-conversation: “So anyway, I think we should... uh, where are you going? What is happening right now?” © abunchofsquirrels / Reddit
  • I’m sick of “I’m putting together a team of people with special abilities” lines. © dakibundo / Reddit
  • No one has blackout curtains in their bedroom. Why? Everyone wakes up to bright sunlight, no curtains, and beautifully clean bedrooms. © kelsnuggets / Reddit
  • When a couple suddenly enters a house or apartment and virtually destroys everything around them, all while kissing. © Ajit Parkash / Quora
  • A house full of kids, and the whole home is pristine. In real life, there will always be some toy or art project lying around and most likely damage to the furniture. © zerbey / Reddit
  • A beautiful, successful woman has trouble attracting men because she’s clumsy. © FancyStegosaurus / Reddit
  • Internal lighting in helmets. Because you need internal lighting in your helmet to... well, to show your million-dollar star face EVERY TIME they are on the screen. © M. Machado / Quora
JMH-Galaxy Contact / agefotostock / East News, © The Martian / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

What movie clichés annoy you?


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