How Our Attitude Toward Bodies and Beauty Has Changed Over the Past Decade

9 months ago

The world has changed a lot over the past decade, and the way we treat our bodies and the concept of beauty, in general, is no exception. It looks like we have ditched many stereotypes and standards, and now there’s more room for self-expression and diversity. Embracing body hair, going filter-free online, and minding less about what others think of the way we look all seem to have become the new normal, and we can’t help but wonder what lies ahead.

We at Bright Side believe that the way we perceive beauty has changed a lot in a relatively small period of time, and we wonder if you agree with our conclusions.

We have started to love ourselves the way we are, and the fashion industry has changed accordingly.

For many years, the world of fashion was dominated by tall and slim models whose figures were supposed to meet certain standards. Now that diversity has become a focus of attention in many spheres of our life, we see more and more plus-size models on runways. Ashley Graham is probably one of the most famous among them, but the list is actually quite long. Kate Wasley, Tara Lynn, Paloma Elsesser, and Tess Holliday are just a few famous names on the list of plus-size models who are changing the modern fashion industry.

Many of us have stopped removing body hair.

Today, many women are not only normalizing but embracing their body hair, and they don’t care much about removing it. And celebrity women are no exception. Ashley Graham, Rihanna, Jemima Kirke, Lourdes Leon, and other famous women are proudly demonstrating their body hair, proving that self-confidence comes from self-acceptance. Their message is simple: if you don’t feel like removing your hair, then don’t. You don’t have to do things just to appease some abstract beauty standards imposed by society.

More men have started to wear makeup.

It may seem that male makeup is a new trend, but it actually has a long history. In Ancient Egypt, men painted cat-eye designs that were symbols of wealth and social status. In the times of Queen Elizabeth I, men actively used powder.

In modern times, however, makeup has long been considered a female privilege. Nowadays, the “taboo” around male makeup is slowly disappearing. We see more beauty products designed especially for men and more male celebrities showing off their gorgeous makeup looks.

Many of us are worrying less about how we look in public.

Celebrities are no exception to this. After years of supporting a perfect public image, many of them are now more relaxed when it comes to their appearances. Many famous people are now seen wearing simple clothes, no makeup, and messy hairdos in everyday life, just like many of us. They promote self-love and call out body shamers and talk about cellulite and skin imperfections as being natural and normal.

More and more pregnant women are proudly demonstrating their baby bumps.

Nowadays, there are more moms-to-be who choose to demonstrate their tummies instead of covering them up. Pregnant Rihanna can be an ultimate inspiration for expecting women when it comes to highlighting the baby bump. Recently, the singer has been spotted wearing revealing outfits on a number of occasions. Her bold maternity looks have included ripped and cropped tops, see-through lace pieces, and unbuttoned coats that let the whole world see Rihanna’s belly.

More people are going filter-free on social media.

Altering your appearance with the help of filters can be tempting, but picture-perfect social media posts impose unrealistic beauty standards on us and can ruin our self-esteem. We end up comparing ourselves with other people who look great in our opinion, and we may even not notice the edits they’ve done to their pics. Nowadays, more and more people have given up using filters and makeup and go all-natural on their social media accounts.

Celebrities are actively supporting the makeup-free, filter-free trend and are sharing their natural selfies on social media. Salma Hayek, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, and Lady Gaga are just a few gorgeous celebrities who’ve photographed themselves the way they are and shared those photos with their followers.

In your opinion, what are the biggest changes the world has gone through over the past decade?

Captivating the internet, A$AP Rocky recently shared intimate photos of Rihanna embracing her role as a mother to their son, RZA. The pictures offer a rare glimpse into the couple’s personal life, showcasing Rihanna’s nurturing side. The post also included a photo documenting Rihanna’s second pregnancy, allowing fans to share in their joy and anticipation. Rihanna’s comment on the post expressed her love for her family, further igniting fan speculation about the gender of their second child.


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could someone please tell the Kardashian and Jenner family that. they have been using filters and ridiculous makeup like it's still 2010
Not to mention all the plastic surgery.


Men wearing makeup is fine if it's something they choose to do...But ffs guys LEARN from women's lead on this one - it starts as something nice and fun, morphs into "I need this to feel confident", and then eventually into other people being like "Ew what kind of slob doesn't even try?". It becomes "unprofessional" to let your skin breathe. You get called a dog for looking how you actually look. You forget what other people without it actually look like so start comparing their makeup to your bare skin and start to hate yourself. Just be careful.


The Prophet of Muslims, namely Hazrat Muhammad, has said all these changes about the end of time. Women will become like men and men will become like women. Homosexuality will increase. People will give more importance to their body than their soul.


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