I Let My Husband Pick My Outfits for a Week

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If you ask your husband to look in your closet and pick out an outfit for you to wear, what do you think he’ll choose? A long red dress? A pair of jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt? Or would he pick a bikini?

Like many women, I have a large wardrobe stuffed with things, and some of them I’ve never even worn. Nevertheless, quite often I thought I had nothing to wear. Then I decided to experiment and asked my husband to pick my outfits for a week.

His choices really surprised me.


On Monday morning I was cautiously watching Colin exploring in the closet, choosing clothes for me. It was a responsible day: I had a meeting with business partners, and I needed to look the part. Several times I wanted to give up on this stupid idea, but he was so excited that I breathed out and waited for my sentence.

Yet I was afraid in vain. Of course, the chosen outfit isn’t suitable for a business meeting, but, according to Colin, "everything’s covered, no one will stare, and it creates a spring mood." Yet, believe me, everyone stared. I was wearing this all day, and I’m 100% sure I’ll put this outfit on again. Moreover, I received a lot of compliments from colleagues for such a vivid image.


On the second day, I began to suspect that my husband clearly likes bright colors. And I didn’t know that, can you imagine? According to him, that day the forecast called for a sunny day, and he wanted me to look like a real sun. He found my old bag which I’d stopped wearing, thinking it made me look like a child. Yet, as it turned out, my husband, the director of a leasing company, secretly liked this bag with houses. Since then, it has become my favorite accessory.


Today Colin and I have an anniversary, and we decided to celebrate it with a romantic dinner. Since we cannot go to a restaurant with two agile children, we decided to arrange a romantic evening at home. We did it before, and I never thought about what to wear. After all, we’re at home, so why dress up? Yet, as it turned out, my husband thinks otherwise. He chose for me a rather skimpy black dress. And this evening I felt like we were on our first date.


Honestly, I haven’t worn this dress for a long time. It was way back in the closet, and I’d forgotten about it. It always seemed too short to me, and I thought it wasn’t really my color. Yet Colin picked it, claiming I look "absolutely stunning" in red. He sent me to parents’ evening in this outfit. I felt terribly awkward, but my husband’s words gave me confidence.


Today we met with my parents. And if not for Colin, I would have worn some neat dress and shoes. Yet my husband decided that I wouldn’t feel very comfortable in a dress running around the house after the children, and he picked this outfit for me. Honestly, I usually wear this jumpsuit when we go to the country house or for picnics, but now I realized it’s in vain that I wear it so rarely. It’s really comfortable, and in combination with slip-ons and a cap it looks really stylish.


Saturday is the day of our family walks. Today Colin let his imagination run wild and seemed to feel like a real stylist. Does it all mix well? No. Am I happy in this outfit? Definitely yes. He put his favorite jacket on me, claiming I look really cute in it. A light dress and sneakers for comfort. I think the photo shows that the walk was great.


We had no plans for Sunday. Yet Colin wanted me to feel elegant and feminine even at home. I have a black dress I simply adore, but I rarely find the occasion to wear it. As it turned out, I don’t need to look for one. Life with my husband is one great wonderful occasion that’s worth dressing up for every day.

I was surprised by how responsible he was about this task. He carefully chose every outfit, and I came to the conclusion that they’re all suitable for every day. Every morning, when putting on the clothes my husband chose for me and looking in the mirror, I smiled happily.

I realized something important. Don’t be afraid of experimenting. You don’t need to look for the right occasion to put on an evening dress or sneakers with a T-shirt. If you feel comfortable in this, don’t hesitate for a second; if you feel confident in this, don’t hesitate for a second; if your husband looks at you with eyes full of adoration, don’t hesitate for a second. Try to ask your spouse to pick out an outfit for you for at least one day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Photographer: Roman Zakharchenko for Bright Side


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