13 Things That It’s Time to Get Rid of From Your Purse

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3 years ago

You can find pretty much anything in a lady’s purse: extra shoes, tights, a huge book, or even a pharmacy. Sometimes, it’s stunning how such a huge number of things can fit into such a small accessory. But, according to etiquette rules, purses shouldn’t be too full, which means we have to get rid of a few useless things.

The ladies of Bright Side have made a list of things that we should throw away from our purses.

Used cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are absolutely necessary because we use them every day to remove excess makeup or clumpy mascara. But very often, we forget to throw the buds away and just put them back into our purses. Some people even use them more than once.

Broken powder or rouge

We’ve all broken our favorite powder or rouge. It’s so sad when we have to throw them away and we hadn’t even planned on buying a new one. So, we just keep them in our purses. Don’t postpone this — either try to save your broken powder which not even that hard, or get a new one as soon as possible.

Empty packs of pills

It’s not surprising that you can find a lot of pills in a purse. Almost every woman has painkillers in her purse. The only problem is that ladies often forget to throw away the empty packs. Get rid of the trash in order to not make your beautiful and stylish purse look bad.

Old-fashioned hairbrush or a brush with metal bristles

An old-fashioned hairbrush won’t make you look better, and a brush with metal bristles can even damage your hair. Wooden combs, however, improve blood circulation and strengthen the hair structure.

Paper receipts

It’s not the best idea to keep a lot of paper receipts in your purse. Over time, they fade and start to look terrible. If you’ve bought something big, you can always take a picture of the receipt and store it on your smartphone. Besides, you can always find the information about the purchase with the help of someone who works at the store or at your bank.

Empty packs of gum

Crumples and torn gum packs don’t make your purse look any better. So, get rid of them as soon as possible.

Lipstick leftovers

Many people try to use their favorite lipsticks for as long as possible. In the end, the lipstick looks so bad that it’s embarrassing to use. Besides, lipsticks, like any other beauty product, have their own expiration date, so keep an eye on that.

Discount card holder

You don’t need these cardholders anymore. There are mobile apps that do the job perfectly and they don’t take up any physical space.

Outdated coupons

Most of the time, we forget about discounts as soon as we leave the store. The coupons just pile up in the bottom of our purses and we don’t remember them until it’s too late.

Tampons with broken wrappers

According to scientists, purses are the filthiest accessories in a ladies’ wardrobe. It’s not surprising — we take our purses to public places, put them on the floor, store money, our smartphones, and other things in them. This is why it’s better to keep tampons in a protective case, or they could get infected with germs.

Outdated hand creams

When did you last check the expiration date of your beauty products? Throw away all the expired beauty products with no mercy, be it lipstick or cream. The thing is, after the expiration date, the cream might provoke an allergic reaction, so don’t skimp on your health.

Metal nail file

This used to be an extremely popular nail file. It’s made of metal with sapphire particles. But unfortunately, these files do more harm than good. They damage the nails leaving cracks on them.

Old business cards

A bunch of paper with outdated contact information from stores, salons, clinics, and other places only make a mess in your purse. You can always store this information digitally. Learn to save all the phone numbers you need on your phone and get rid of these useless cards.

Which of these things is still in your purse? Tell us in the comment section below!


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