10 Movie Clichés That Directors Think Are Cool, but People Wish Would Stop Being So Popular

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Some movie clichés sweep the audience off their feet and become incredibly popular. Yet, as time passes, these plot twists become overdone and boring. Besides, a bad script can tremendously worsen an already overused storyline. Internet users share things that ruin movies nowadays, and we bet we’ll see the same clichés even 30 years from now.

1. Sympathetic villains

Sympathetic villains are easier to write, and the effect they produce is tremendous. Most of the time, it gets to the point where the audience roots for them rather than the protagonist.

Nowadays, almost every movie invents a heartbreaking story for the antagonist. Sympathetic villains are overdone, and their tragic stories ruin their mysterious aura. Sometimes evil people should just be evil.

2. Battle jokes

What can be more impressive than skillful techniques and strong punches in the heat of battle is cracking jokes. It’s a mystery how the characters manage to talk while fighting literally until the last breath. Marvel often incorporates battle jokes here and there, and even fans are tired of it.

3. Beating around the bush

Characters never seem to get the message across in one sentence. They always have to speak as if they’re writing an essay. First comes the introduction: “Wait, you have to listen to me!” Then the other parts never follow because something prevents them from saying the rest or no one wants to listen to them.

4. From enemies to lovers

At first, they hate each other, then they fall in love. The purpose is to add some emotional tension and character development. If written well, it might be engrossing and funny. But if something goes wrong, the relationship can turn into a disrespectful one, and the characters will only be exchanging snarky one-liners.

5. Splitting up in horror movies

A horror movie without “let’s split up” is not a horror movie. The characters should always make unreasonable decisions, check basements alone, and then scream loudly to make us jump out of our seats. Side effects: the viewers might start rooting for the monster/bad guy.

6. Interrupted or “shut up” kisses

Their lips are getting closer and closer and the characters are about to release some happy hormones. All of a sudden, someone or something ruins their smooching plans. It might have been funny 30 years ago, but not anymore.

There’s also this “shut up” kiss — interrupting a person mid-sentence by kissing them. You decide which one is the most overused.

7. Jumping to conclusions

“Let me explain!” or “This is not what it looks like!” — these phrases are not only empty but also incredibly annoying. The misunderstanding can be resolved in a minute if characters just say the most important thing first. The confused person doesn’t want to listen, and storms out, and the one who gets blamed doesn’t want to explain anything ever again.

8. Invincible main characters

Main characters easily survive even the hardest hits while everyone else collapses. What’s more, even their hair stays neat and tidy, not to mention that there is an absence of scars, scratches, and bruises. For some reason, film directors don’t get it that it’s more interesting to look at a strong but struggling character who’s relatable instead of a perfect superhuman.

9. Forced romance

It seems like every plot has to have a romantic line in it. Even action movies incorporate some unnecessary romance. Sometimes it’s okay if characters stay friends and don’t spend the rest of their lives together. Forced relationships make movies themeless and divert attention from the story.

10. Makeovers and glow-ups

An already attractive girl gets the makeover of her life just by taking off her glasses and undoing her ponytail. Then she becomes popular and wins the heart of the guy she’s had eyes on for so long. We wish it were that easy.

What’s your least favorite movie cliché? Which one will you always love no matter what others say?


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