What Can Happen If You Kiss Your Child on the Lips, According to Science

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11 months ago

It might be nearly impossible to resist showering your kids with love, but kissing them on the lips isn’t the healthiest way to show how much they mean to you. In addition to affecting their understanding of personal boundaries, it can pose some health risks.

1. It may affect their gums.

Kissing your children on the lips before their baby teeth have developed might be especially harmful. Saliva transfer causes bacteria spread which can affect your child’s soft tissues and gums. Kids might develop gum diseases due to poor oral hygiene, and kissing your child on the mouth might be an additional risk factor.

2. It might give them cavities.

Cavities is the most common chronic disease in children and adults, and kissing your kids on the lips can increase their chances of developing this condition. Baby teeth aren’t as strong as adult teeth which makes them more vulnerable to bacteria. Because the enamel on baby teeth is relatively thin, it is more prone to cavities and decay.

3. It may trigger allergies.

Apart from causing dental problems, kissing your child on the lips might cause allergic reactions. This can be especially harmful to newborn babies. When you kiss someone, you are unknowingly transferring food particles or cosmetic products to their skin. And your newborn might be allergic to certain foods or artificial ingredients in skincare products.

4. It might weaken their immune system.

Kissing someone on the lips can transmit respiratory viruses. Although these viruses might look like a common cold, they can be dangerous for babies because their immune systems aren’t fully developed yet. Babies’ lungs are small, and any infection might cause breathing problems.

Do you think it’s okay to kiss your kids on the lips?

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