An Artist Shares Her Honest Illustrations to Show What Happens in Real Relationships

year ago

Relationships aren’t perfect, but they’re real, and they truly show how kind we can be to one another. Amanda Oleander is an artist who knows how to capture the spirit of our relations in her illustrations through the scenes of everyday life. Read on and check out these 15 pictures of true bonds.

1. “That pimple just has to go.”

2. Growth gets passed down.

3. Sometimes you have to be the heater.

4. “No, I swear I’m not asleep...”

5. While one eats for 2, the other supports their practice.

6. Can’t risk moving the arm and waking them up

7. Let’s call this a face hug.

8. You help today, you get helped tomorrow.

9. Being a couch potato always feels better with company.

10. You have to be there for every step of the day.

11. Missing someone is harder when they’re present in your own head.

12. Just one more movie before bed...

13. No one’s counter habits are the same.

14. Weekend getaways are a must!

15. Sometimes all the help you need is a hug.


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