15 Pics That Reveal More With a Closer Look

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Optical illusions and visual tricks have long been explained by science, but they still continue to fascinate us. Many of us have accidentally taken a picture that made us do a double-take, wondering if our minds were playing tricks on us. These 15 pictures may make you think your eyes are deceiving you but they are just clever optical illusions if you look close enough.

1. “This crane looks like he’s wearing my sneakers.”

2. “My niece hugging my sister and I makes me look like I have a tiny hand.”

3. “My floating cat.”

4. “Tiny glasses on my cup”

5. Double chin?

6. “My teacher put up a picture of himself on his door so it looks like he’s in his office.”

7. “The moss on my pond looks like an aerial picture.”

8. “Did my cat’s head shrink?”

9. “My drink looks like a crocodile is looking at me.”

10. “My goat decided to steal the spotlight.”

11. “We visited Craters of the Moon and took a photo in the cave. It looks like we are standing in front of a green screen.”

12. “Thought the driver of this car was just staring me down for no reason.”

13. “Apparently one of the side effects of cold medicine is growing a man’s arm.”

14. “Having one enormous hand would be, well, handy.”

15. “This mirrored tissue box in the hotel I am at”

Preview photo credit kardashevy / Reddit


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