18 People Whose Hotel Deserved 5 Stars Just for Being So Witty

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Sometimes, whether a vacation is excellent or terrible depends on the hotel. Regardless of your destination, the place to stay is the key to having a great time or a terrible disappointment. But the people on the following list were not indifferent to what they found in their rooms, for better or worse.

1. “Our hotel room was built out of an ancient Roman storage cellar.”

2. “Instead of a balcony, my hotel room had a private patio.”

3. “My hotel room has two showers.”

4. “This jacuzzi tub in my hotel room.”

5. “The TV remote in my hotel room has a full QUERTY keyboard on the back.”

6. “There is a small dessert-only McDonald’s outside my hotel.”

7. “The hotel I’m staying at has a painting of bacterial cultures... in the bathroom.”

8. “My layover hotel in Amsterdam has a phone in the toilet.”

9. “The hotel I’m staying at has a Lego model of itself.”

10. “The Hotel I’m staying in has a bee colony. Auckland, NZ.”

11. “The alarm clock at my hotel tells time on all sides so both beds and front can see.”

12. “Hotel clock has pictures of music types for the presets.”

13. “I returned to a pitch-black hotel room and then turned on the light.”

14. “Hotel Housekeeping TP Origami”

15. “This hotel has solid honeycomb instead of honey.”

16. “This painting is featured in a room at the Clown Hotel in Nevada.”

17. “On arrival at the hotel room, we were quite surprised by the imagination of the room service.”

18. “My hotel room has a pommel horse at the end of the bed.”

What’s the first thing you do when you get to a hotel room? What do you look for?

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There's some nice accompaniments in some of these hotels and then the whimsical towel animals are super cute. I don't think I'd be a fan of sleeping in a room with the nightmare clown though, that'd be a big Nope for me, lol.


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