14 Teachers Whose Professional Skills Are Beyond Awesome

11 months ago

How can a modern teacher keep their audience’s attention if their students are constantly using their phones during class and aren’t really eager to hit the books? It seems that teachers have to figure out how to amaze, surprise, and inspire students with any means possible, including extraordinary artistic skills, risky experiments, a friendly attitude, and support.

14. “My professor duct tapes her own mouth shut during presentations so she doesn’t interrupt, distract, or intimidate the presenters.”

13. This elementary school teacher came up with a unique secret handshake for every student.

12. “We found 5 abandoned kittens running around the school grounds, and my teacher caught one. This is how our class is being taught.”

11. A retired teacher turned his truck into a library to encourage reading.

10. This geography teacher didn’t have a map, so he drew one by himself.

9. “My teacher has a robot to help him.”

8. “At least my chemistry teacher has a sense of humor!”

7. “My art teacher from grade school painted her door over the summer.”

6. This Taiwanese teacher has incredible chalk drawing skills.

5. “My teacher nailed his student’s phone to the wall for using it in class 20 years ago. It’s still there to this day.”

4. “Our chemistry teacher made the classroom ceiling really cool.”

3. This Japanese teacher is an expert at chalkboard art.

2. A teacher from Texas cleaned garbage from around the school himself to teach his students that they should care about the things around them.

1. When the arts and crafts teacher is ready to provide an illustrative example:

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