20 Awesome Things People Have Found in Unexpected Places

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Finding awesome things in the most unexpected places makes people feel like they found a treasure. Imagine finding a 7 leaf clover or a 100-year-old notebook, some people have managed to find things like this and were even able to take a picture to celebrate the moment.

1. “I found a child’s time capsule while digging in my yard.”

2. “This mushroom growing inside a glass globe”

3. “A conservatory in my town has a shack made of pumpkins.”

4. “I found this partially weathered lava rock on the beach.”

5. “Just throw down a towel and save a spot for us.”

6. “I found a really tiny banana.”

7. “I found this picture floating in the ocean while snorkeling.”

8. “A little patch of clovers in a bottle”

9. “Rectangular-shaped CD (it works)”

10. “This old notebook I found is over 100 years old.”

11. “I found a Super Nintendo that’s been made into part of a wall.”

12. “This white fern I found on my hike today”

13. “I found a 7 leaf clover!!!”

14. “This troll I came across in the woods”

15. “My dad and his friend found the boot that Reese Witherspoon threw off a cliff during the filming of the movie Wild.”

16. “This mouse I found at my work has a calculator on it.”

17. “I found an awesome abandoned playground on the grounds of an abandoned hospital.”

18. “I found a colored in gold dollar.”

19. “This log accessorized with pennies I found while hiking”

20. “This clear leaf I found while on a tour at a botanical garden”

Have you ever found anything as awesome as the things in these pics? Share your photos with us in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Usernameisepic / reddit


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