20 Creative Outbursts That Would Have Blown Steve Jobs’ Mind

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Solving problems is easy when you have money. You go to a store, buy what you need, throw your money on the counter and go home satisfied with a generic industrial product. And there are people out there that prefer to find a solution themselves, and in the process, they end up coming up with the most marvelous and aesthetic masterpiece. But it’s also true that Beethoven didn’t compose the 5th symphony without first trying and failing and failing and failing.

1. “I don’t think that’s the way to sew, but since I’m not a seamstress, I can’t say for sure.”

2. It’s time to try it

3. It’s as if SpongeBob SquarePants and a bedside table had a child.

4. If the machines want to take power, let them at least work for us.

5. He has a “you could have made it more comfortable” look on his face.

6. When you get tired of your family using your phone charger.

7. “And when he grows bigger, how will he get in?”. Well, one problem at a time...

8. “Let’s see what I look like in the mirror...”

9. “My friend who knows mechanics does it for less money.”
The friend:

10. The guy calls this truck “The Mullet.”

11. When your best friend helps you move:

12. Nobody noticed, Optimus Prime.

13. “When you really want a boat with a tower, but your bank account says otherwise...”

14. — Dear, I’m taking the microwave to work.
— Don’t you work outdoors?
— I’ll take care of that.

15. “Wife wanted a flat desk. Couldn’t find long enough feet for it.. but I did find a welder.”

16. We’re pretty sure someone fell...

17. And this, Miss, is my final paper on Niagara Falls...

18. There are no flaws in this logic.

19. No neighbors in sight, Captain.

20. It’s easier to get it out of a lion’s dent.

What’s the greatest invention you’ve ever made in your life?

Preview photo credit muchhodl / Reddit


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