20+ Culinary Surprises That Even Gordon Ramsay Would Appreciate

2 years ago

Basically, most of us cook for the sake of eating, but there are people who cook for the sake of art. Those might be professional chefs or ordinary people who like to create something new and unique — in any case, the dishes they make will keep you wondering how on earth it was possible to make such a masterpiece.

We at Bright Side admire anyone who can stand out in any sphere of life and culinary art is no exception. So we bring you 23 dishes that will both amaze you and make you drool.

“I made a Game of Thrones tribute pie.”

“How my mom planed the plates VS How she made them”

“I tried to recreate this cake for my son’s birthday.”

“I made some nail polish cookies.”

“My girlfriend made some Among Us cookies to gift this holiday season. The ‘imposter’ cookie was made with habanero-infused butter!”

“Best birthday cake ever! Credits to my lovely girlfriend and her parents.”

This dish is made of lamb tartare, confit egg yolk, asparagus, peas, broad beans, foraged herbs, and it looks simply... wow.

“Pie-thon. I thought I would share my latest pie. Hope I’m doing it right!”

Sawagani crabs, smoked chicken fat, and passion fruit aioli. Really gorgeous and simple!

One of the best gifts to receive, ever.

Homemade vanilla snowman cake

Carrot, escarole, and pistachio brittle — what a combination!

Homemade fish-shaped dumpling

Yuzu Ice, fromage blanc sorbet, vanilla olive oil. This dish is beautiful! Simple, elegant, white on white. The flavors are also amazing together.

A round cinnamon pineapple pie with an abstract design. Looks too yummy, doesn’t it?

Lime, coconut, and pineapple.

Cucumber curry with pistachio, avocado, and Thai basilikum. “So vibrant! Wouldn’t matter how it tasted, it looks amazing.”

“My mum made this bee cake for a baby’s birthday... yes the cake is also honey-flavored!”

“Tried my hand at embroidery cookies, how did I do?”

Poached pear, soy honey glaze, goat yogurt, fig leaf oil. It mostly tastes like the smell of a fig tree, pretty floral!

Galaxy cake (chocolate/coconut) with chocolate planets and a hidden design

“I was bored, so I made The United States of Christmas Cookies.”

A round tart with a pink cranberry curd filling and a triangle tile surface design of white dragon fruit and green kiwis.

How good are you at culinary art? Please share your masterpieces with us!

Preview photo credit Klinkesa / Reddit


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