10+ Game of Thrones Decor Ideas That’ll Get You In the Mood Before the Final Season

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Since premiering in 2011, Game of Thrones has been an epic powerhouse of TV royalty. It’s been HBO’s most popular show for the last 4 years, even in 2018, where no new episodes aired. The land of deceit, love, battles, dragons, white walkers, and waifs have successfully integrated fantasy into our normal world, and let’s be honest, there’s not one fan that wouldn’t want most aspects of their lives to look a little like Westeros.

We at Bright Side wanted to commemorate what is going to be the monumental final season by letting you get Game of Thrones mad one last time before it premiers on Sunday. Check out our list of awesome decor ideas to buy to remember the show forever.

1. The most tragic moment can somehow be turned into a funny little doormat.

2. Always feel like royalty, even when you’re doing your business. (Let’s just hope Tyrion isn’t around.)

3. We think we’d all prefer some tasty meals over some White Walkers in the North any day.

4. These drinks mats are majestic enough without even noticing the House sigils on them!

5. Imagine how rad your house would be if these were hung in your living room.

6. Be the ultimate Mhysa and brighten up your kitchen with this watercolor silhouette of Khaleesi and her dragons.

7. This would look so cool, even if you don’t have pets to ward off any trespassers.

8. These sweet nothings are the perfect gift for a loved one, fit for any Khal and his Khaleesi.

9. This is ambience that would make any room cozy.

10. Hopefully this stopper can keep the White Walkers out too.

11. Have your own Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion in your home. Trust me, they’re much safer than the real deal.

12. Turn your house into a House by pretending you live in one of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

13. Pretend to be part of Westeros’ most beloved family with this Stark sigil on your wall.

24. Orrrrrrr... just do absolutely everything to your home to make it look like you’ve come straight out of Westeros. It’s the final season ever: you deserve to go crazy like the Mad King himself.

Bonus: Cool things you can make yourself

Even if it’s not made of iron, a throne of this magnitude will still make any house epic.

Sometimes the most simple of innovations can look the most effective.

Which Game of Thrones idea made you want to redecorate immediately? Let us know and share which other shows would make you decor-obsessed enough to change up your furniture.

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I really like these dragon eggs! I'm not a big fan, but they look way to cool, and I love everything that looks like it came from a fairy tale. ?
Before we had fans of Harry Potter with their merch, not Game of Thrones is a new mainstream ?
They look pretty cool, though!

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