10+ Incredibly Rare Photos of Our Favorite Pop Stars Before They Were Famous

9 months ago

Their songs continuously top the charts. They’ve done thousands of concerts all over the world. Their fans number in the millions. And yet, once upon a time, those mega-celebrities used to be ordinary kids and teenagers! Like all of us, they used to go to school. Many of them once had goofy haircuts. Their skin used to be far from perfect and their smiles used to be less than stellar.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at a selection of rarely-published photos showing some of today’s famous pop stars in their youth. You have to agree that many of them look better now than they did back then!




Enrique Iglesias


Gwen Stefani

Elton John

Adam Levine

Lana Del Rey

Avril Lavigne

Amy Lee

Ozzy Osbourne

Kylie Minogue

Celine Dion

Katy Perry

Snoop Dogg


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