20 Nostalgic People Who Don’t Keep Their Awkward Days a Secret

2 years ago

Looking through our photo albums will not only make us wonder where time has gone, but it also makes us question our past fashion sense. People around the world shared their most embarrassing moments from their young years and they instantly transport us in time. Kids looking like adults, big ’90s hair, and unique comb-overs are just a few bits of treasures that make up today’s “best of.”

From time to time, we at Bright Side take a moment to check our old photo albums out just for laughs and bouts of nostalgia, and we’ve come across some people whose moments might make you giggle.

1. “My stunning wife when she was 13 going on 30”

2. “Elementary school or midwest diner waitress?”

3. “I present my sixth-grade self. My husband says my hair looks like the Mutt Cutts van from Dumb and Dumber.”

4. “This is my 2004 high school graduation photo, proudly displayed at my parent’s house. Mom straightened my hair for me.”

5. “I looked like a middle-aged man when I was a child.”

6. “My husband in the seventh grade”

7. “Thankfully, my eyebrows grew back, 2004, freshman year.”

8. “I’ve never seen anyone try to rock the prematurely bald comb-over look on their forehead before.”

9. “My girlfriend looking like a Sunday school teacher”

10. “13 or 30?”

11. “My sisters and I look like 60-year-old ladies, circa 2002.”

12. “Who’s hair was taller? I’m in the middle, early ’90s.”

13. “All of my aunts still look like this at 60.”

14. “I was a cute little girl, except for the fact that I’m a guy.”

15. “My saucy parents in the early ’90s”

16. “16 years later, we got married. Must’ve been the crop top because it certainly was not the teeth.”

17. He is only 7 years old but looks like he’s 37.

18. “Brought back the heavy-hairspray hairstyles of the ’80s while trying to cope with my receding hairline.”

19. “This is me in 1997.”

“I had this same exact look in ‘97! But I was an 8-year-old girl.”

20. “This is my best friend,15 years ago. Yes, she had an assortment of Bob Marley posters in her dorm room.”

How often do you think about your youngest years and sigh with relief that those awkward days are over? Is there anything you’d want to change about your childhood?


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