20+ People Recreate Their Childhood Pics, and It’s Sweeter Than Sugar

3 years ago

These guys made an actual time machine by recreating pics from the past. Some of them got the jobs they dreamed of as children while others never betrayed their hobbies — then there are those who still fit in their old cribs and even in the same wedding dress they wore nearly 60 years before. These recreations blew up the Internet, evoking fond tears, so scroll down as not to miss them.

Here at Bright Side, we truly admire the recreation of old pics, and what we enjoy even more is sharing the most impressive ones with you.

1. First as a passenger, now as a teammate!

2. Reporting for duty

3. “Me as a baby wearing a ridiculous wig vs me at 21 with the hair I ended up growing”

4. He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a policeman!

5. “For my mom’s sixtieth birthday, my brothers, my cousin, and I recreated a photo from my first day of kindergarten.”

6. First and last day of school

7. Still skating, 38 years later

8. When dreams come true

9. Get your knees flexin’ and your arms T-rexin’!

10. “My dad’s graduation vs mine”

11. “My siblings and I recreated this photo from our youth in 1991.”

12. 10 years apart

13. Same box, same brothers!

14. “Recreated my mom’s favorite photo of us for Mother’s Day.”

15. “This is me and my older sister when I was adopted vs 22 years later!”

16. “To celebrate our fiftieth anniversary, the wife and I recreated our wedding pic.”

17. “Recreated a picture with my 14-year-old son from 13 years ago today on vacation!”

18. “Off to pre-k with my grandmother vs 19 years later, off to graduate school”

19. 1959 vs 2019

20. “My dad when he first adopted my one-year-old blind cat Cheddar, and them together on Cheddar’s eighteenth birthday!”

21. Bride and maid of honor, then and now

22. Nailed it 15 years later!

23. “From the beginning, he’s always been giving me a helping hand. 23 years later, I’ve graduated from college and he’s still there for me when I need him.”

24. Dad still knows how to relax after 30 years...

25. “The college graduations of my mother and me”

26. Recreated my first Halloween 21 years later!

27. 60 years apart — going home after serving in 1959 and going home from chemo in 2019

28. “My great-uncle and me, 24 years apart”

29. “My mom hasn’t aged since 1988.”

30. “Passing down the baby express to my own son”

31. Same wedding outfit 60 years later!

Has your family ever made any “before and after” comparisons? We’d be happy to see your pics in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit snapdragon90 / reddit


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