20 People Who Changed Their Hairstyle and Transformed Completely

3 years ago

Among the many wishes humans have, changing a hairstyle seems to be one of the most frequent ones. We bet that each of us has wondered at least once what we would look like if we suddenly decided to go bald or conversely if we grew our short hair long.

We at Bright Side believe changing your hairstyle completely is worth trying at least once in a lifetime and here are 20 people who have already done it.

“Finally got up the courage to go short!”

“Took the plunge and got the aquamarine hair of my dreams.”

“Recently shaved my head! Best feeling ever.”

“4-year transformation, all from learning how to take care of my curls.”

“I cut off almost 7 inches due to very dry, broken ends. Turned out better than expected!”

“Finally got the guts to chop it off. Although I’ve never had really long hair, I still cried for a while.”

“Was wondering whether I should cut off my hair. Did it!”

From a long-haired guy to a short-haired heartbreaker:

“A little before and after of my risky DIY transformation. Going for a pixie soon!”

5 months of hair growth!

“I don’t know if I’ve done the right thing.”

“First time cutting my own hair.”

“20 months and I love it.”

“I did my own hair this week! It was all dark brown 5 days ago.”

One year of growth

“I loved my shaved head, but I’m loving my long hair too.”

“First time in 25 years with longer hair!”

“Took the leap and dyed it green!”

“My local salon has finally opened up, so I finally did this! I’m in love with the outcome.”

“Shaved my head to raise money for CLIC Sargent! Raised nearly £800.”

What was the most drastic hairstyle you’ve ever gotten? Please do show us your before and after photos.

Preview photo credit a_bit_brown / reddit


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Love these short hairstyles on girls, they look a bit sassy but so feminine at the same time!

You girls shouldn't be afraid of cutting them shorter


i have naturally long dark brown hair that looks brown.Even if I dye my hair im only dying the tips because I love my natural dark hair and also I don't have the guts to cut my hair.


WOW... I always wonder how people go too far in the hair looks. I mean... shaving my hair completely? NO WAY! Nope. NO. Not even just a tiny part of my head :p


Moral of the story: Don't be afraid to make that change you've always wanted ;)


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