20 People Who Didn’t Want “Those Pets in the House” but Now Can’t Spend a Day Without Them

4 years ago

Let’s be honest, we all know someone like that. First, they say they’ll never allow a dog in their house, and then you find them putting their doggo in the bed to make them feel cozy and warm. Or, they swear they’ll move out if a cat appears in the house, and then they brush the fur of their lovely little princess every morning. Well, pets obviously have some superpowers that make us change our minds the moment we see those cuties.

Here at Bright Side we’ve found these 20 daddies and mommies who once were against pets, but now can’t imagine their life without their beloved cats and dogs.

20. “Dad didn’t want a dog. Dad and the dog:”

19. “My father who adamantly ‘didn’t want another cat’ called my phone to ask me to turn off the bath because he was busy.”

18. “My boyfriend didn’t want a dog, but I got a female pug puppy. This was his photo to me, letting me know he picked her up.”

17. “Boyfriend ‘didn’t want a cat’ and we were told she ‘wasn’t a lap cat’... This was 24 hours after Minnie came to her forever home.”

16. “I didn’t want another dog. My wife did. So we compromised and got another dog.”

15. “My stepdad didn’t want a cat. Safe to say Oscar changed his mind.”

14. “My mom and the dog she didn’t want.”

13. “My dad didn’t want a dog. Now she’s his favorite little girl.”

12. “’If that kitten steps but a TOE inside that door I’m kicking both you and him out forever.’ 2 years later....”

11. “’I don’t like this one.’ He says as they cuddle over a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.”

10. “Part 2 of ‘...if you get another dog I’m moving out.’ Still here.”

9. “I brought home this special-needs kitty that my dad swore ‘could not stay for more than one week!’ 2 years later, he gets jealous when she lays on any lap that’s not his.”

8. “My dad didn’t want a dog... Now he tucks the dog into bed every night.”

7. “My dad, who didn’t want a dog”

6. “Ok, but he’s not allowed on the furniture.”

5. “Dad: No cats! Dad (one year later): Look, I’m teaching her high 5!”

4. “My dad: ‘This dog is too small. I don’t like it. It’s not even a real dog.’ Also my dad:”

3. “Mr. Big Strong Mechanic Dad, who didn’t want a cat, in the middle of the morning, brushing his little prince.”

2. “The purest love is the one between grumpy dads and the pets they said they didn’t want.”

1. “’I have no interest in pets.’ ...2 years later:”

Do you know a person who didn’t want a pet at first, but then changed their mind and now has the best fluffy friend ever? Or, maybe, you are that person yourself? We’d be happy to hear your stories of human and animal friendship in the comments!

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My dad was like that. My stepmother wanted a dog after her mom died so she got a pomeranian. My dad, for days, kept saying Scooter was the most useless animal in the world. Scooter got my dad through his quadruple bypass surgery.
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My parents also didn't want our cat. Now I sometimes feel like they love him more than me ? ? ?
My mom didn’t want a cat. Now she talks to her more than any of us??‍♀️.
seems like most of the times those people who don't want anyone but eventually fall in love with them are dads :D

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