20+ People Who Found Something Special in a Very Unexpected Place

4 years ago

Many people include visiting the local flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales on their to-do lists while traveling. It’s not surprising because nothing can help you experience a city better than the things that have been stored on the shelves of local houses. However, sometimes these items cause more questions than anything else.

We at Bright Side looked through various internet sales and it seems we have already found some extraordinary things.

1. “Found this dress in London for literally $11 and wore it to my friend’s wedding.”

2. A blouse with too many eyes

3. “For someone looking to put their pet on diet, here is an appetite deterrent platform for $9.”

4. “Found this ” Michael Jackson" lamp at a thrift store."

5. Just a cabbage dog with leek-looking paws

6. “Finally, Kitty is safe! Now we need one for the dog.”

7. “Is it weird that I actually kinda want this?”

8. “I can’t believe I found the original Leonardo da Vinci painting at my local shop.”

Bright Side editorial wants to note that this is not an original DaVinci painting. However, it could be an original work by famous contemporary artist Fernando Botero.

9. “Bought some Halloween decor at a thrift store and now I can’t find my cat.”

10. “Went to a garage sale and found WALL-E.”

11. That’s a teapot, in case you couldn’t figure out what it was.

12. “For that classy person who needs to charge 3 phones and a tablet”

13. “My husband is a dentist and I found this awesome Santa at an antique store for him.”

14. This granny has quite an original method of fixing holes.

15. When your cat turns out to be an aristocrat:

16. “My husband wearing a stylish blazer with cats”

17. “You never knew you needed plastic Heinz pickles on a safety pin... until, well, you see them. ”

18. “The craftsmanship was impeccable, but I didn’t have the $5 cash to get it.”

19. When you’ve decided to start living a healthy lifestyle:

20. “So I bought this book for $3.50 on Amazon. I was very surprised when I opened it up.”

21. “Found this brooch being sold as costume jewelry for $5. Took it to a jeweler and it turned out to be 18k white gold with jade stones.”

What’s your attitude toward garage sales? Do you ever buy anything at them or do you prefer to only buy new things?

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Nice Michael Jackson lamp actually talks pretty much like Prince too! I guess you can use it for both :p


It says on the package in #6 "protects against Dog ESP".. What's dog esp? :D


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