20+ People Whose Logic Can Dumbfound Anyone

6 months ago

Living under the same roof with someone often means tolerating some of their idiosyncrasies. For instance, your significant other may have a habit of leaving kitchen cupboard doors open, or your grandmother might occasionally forget about dishes on the stove. There are moments when you can’t help but wonder and feel tempted to ask a simple question: “What were you thinking about?”

“My girlfriend put her new shoes in the freezer.”

“When she woke up I asked her about them and she’d said she put bags of water inside for it to freeze and expand and break them in.”

“My fiance has a weird habit of not closing drawers or cabinets they open. See that mess? He just finished cooking.”

  • “I always joke and say “OMG do we have a ghost?! Or did you just leave these open....” © littlegnat / Reddit

“Mom puts a whole pot in the fridge if there are leftovers, even if the amount that’s in the pot could fit in a small Tupperware”

“After all she could have transferred the contents into a smaller, more compact pot.”

“Why do my wife and kids find this perfectly normal and acceptable?”

“We’re a family of 4. It’s the fact that we have 4 bags open at once! Like, no one looked to see if there was already a bag open and each opened a new one.”

“How my mom eats a burrito”

“How my Dad eats our cornbread ”

“My brother had his girlfriend and a bunch of friends over this weekend. He went back to our dad’s house yesterday and now wants me to clean and put away the dishes. The only thing in here that’s mine is the coffee pot and the black coffee mug...”

“Wife didn’t want anything to eat. I got home and went to the bathroom and came back to this.”

“How my wife opens bags...”

“Instead of any of my 4 siblings that I share a bathroom with replacing the tissue like a normal person, they do this. ”

“Every time I get off work I come home to this... obviously it’s not the end of the world but how hard it is to spend 5 extra seconds of your day to put the tissue in the roll PROPERLY?”

“Grandma used the plastic colander to steam a meatball yesterday. Today she did it again.”

“Kid orders breakfast, eats half piece of toast then says “I’m full”

“My husband leaves his takeaway containers in the microwave after he finishes eating instead of throwing it in the trash.”

“Mother-in-law purchases more hygiene products when her current ones are 50 — 75% empty. She then begins using the new product leaving them all in the shower like this, never returning to finish the older one.”

“Wife does this all the time”

“That’s the only thing doing this would be good for, preventing a bug from flying in your drink. I would do this if it was an outdoor situation but not when the drink is in the fridge.”

“Here is how my brother ‘salted’ the driveway”

“My fiancee’s mother spends $20+ to ship us 1 bag of oranges from Florida. We live 2 states away.”

  • Very mom-ly thing to do. My mom just spent $60 to mail me a box full of cheap Taiwan pajamas that were too small for me and decorated with wonky-looking Hello Kitties. © emi_lgr / Reddit

“How my 12-year-old daughter stacks dishes”

“My girlfriend puts used matches back in the box”

“My girlfriend said she would be ready in 5 minutes!”

“My husband keeps opening new jars of jam before he’s even finished the last one.”

“The way my mother leaves the clean knifes after washing them”

Sometimes, household habits can raise numerous questions or even be quite irritating. However, these are minor concerns because when you’re surrounded by close and loving people, laughter becomes indispensable.

Preview photo credit Echo_Romeo571 / Reddit


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