20+ Pets Who Took Humor to a Whole New Level

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Each time we bring home a new pet, we get a free pass to years of never-ending adventure. Pets live their best lives and do whatever they want. We forgive our furry friends for all their mischief and sometimes want to change places with them, so we can see what it feels like to enjoy each day to the fullest. Check our compilation of pics of smart, inventive, and funny cats and dogs that’ll make anyone smile.

1. “My cat messed up a single part of my window shades. Never realized why until now.”

2. “Garfield, is that you?”

3. “Someone help! I accidentally woke up my cat.”

4. “Daisy is exhausted after stealing and eating 5 freshly baked cinnamon rolls.”

5. “Renovating a bathroom and had to cut out some drywall. My cat has been watching me through this hole all day.”

6. “My dog decided it wasn’t worth it.”

7. “Who needs a cat bed?”

8. “Apparently, the ledge is comfier than the cat’s pillow.”

9. “Bro thinks he’s a water bender.”

10. “Incontrovertible proof that cats can read.”

11. “Some of the socks she brought up 2 flights of stairs today”

12. “They are each in their own favorite boxes while we play games!”

13. “The most strange and uncomfortable looking places to rest your head on when napping are somehow the comfiest ones.”

14. “Peter was extraordinarily helpful when moving the mattress upstairs.”

15. “My dog has lived with my cat for too long.”

16. “Is my cat ok? He wasn’t crawling, he was lounging in that position on the windowsill. That was the creepiest part!”

17. “My dog today”

18. “My lady when we were making the bed!”

19. “The self-realization cat”

20. “The bed is for the toys! They need a place to sleep.”

21. “Hey mom, look what I found!”

22. “Personal footrest”

23. “I’ve been wondering why the blinds were broken in that specific spot.”

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