15 Animals Who Can Change Your Mood for the Better

year ago

You can get a pet for a constant source of happiness and to always be in a good mood. Animals just love us — it doesn’t matter whether we are sick, tired, or full of energy. Take a look at these sweet little creatures below. We hope they’ll make you smile.

1. “Derping as a strategy to get adopted?”

2. “Constipated bebe

3. “Trying to achieve my goals.”

4. “Lap cat”

5. “My cat is a rebel.”

6. Flowers for you

7. “My girlfriend was brushing her teeth this morning when a monster popped out from under the sink.”

8. “My dog chewed a hole through his towel and stuck his head through it. Now he wears it around the house like a poncho!”

9. “Igor has no respect for personal space.”

10. “Adopted a dog.”

11. “He looks so proud in his little bow tie. Hi world, my name is Spike.”

12. “Today we couldn’t find our cat so we looked out the window and...”

13. “Edd’s big mistake”

14. “These derps got stuck in a storm drain. I don’t think they’re worried.”

15. “Why is he staring at a cactus?”

Preview photo credit Azsnee09 / Reddit


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