20+ Photos Showing That Some Things Never Change

4 years ago

There’s a theory called Eternal Return which means that everything in this world repeats itself and it can happen an infinite number of times. So, if you’re attentive enough you can always find similarities and repetitions right as you’re flipping through your family album. Users from all over the world share their unexpected findings, which prove that there are things that never change.

We at the Bright Side have collected the most impressive photos which tell us the story of eternal return, each in its own way.

1. A daughter (age 11 in 2019) and her dad (age 15 in 1996) will clearly show you what recursion means.

2. Wait, who’s the mother in the second pic?

3. The beginning of the backpack journey that lasted for 34 years and then got a new start with new offspring.

4. Even the cute cowlick on his head remained untouched since early ’90s.

5. Our ancestors invented the wheel, the lightbulb, and the flawless knowhow of being able to withdraw from the people around them.

6. They grow up so fast! Shenanigans, however, last forever.

7. This McDonald’s menu back in 1980 could be easily displayed at one of the McDonald’s restaurants today and no one would notice the masquerade.

8. They must be keeping the secret of perpetual youth.

9. It’s the same when your favorite jeans no longer fit perfectly but you can’t live without them.

10. Mom’s dog and daughter’s dog. The start of an unplanned family tradition.

11. “Going strong since 1975”

12. Time passes by so fast when you are busy with something fascinating, that you may fail to notice that you’ve grown up a little bit.

13. James Marsden’s passengers are always adorable. Hop in 2011 and Sonic The Hedgehog in 2018.

14. A CRT TV vs HD TV and the 1990 and 2013 Spiderman games

15. A simple yet the best of lives.

16. “Some things never change.”

17. Dad 1976 and son 2012. Let’s play a game of finding differences.

18. 2 months passed and the picture became real.

19. Top: mom and her childhood Keeshond,1995. Bottom: the kids and their childhood Keeshond, now. Yet another family dog-tradition.

20. The Backstreet Boys at airports in 1999 and 2020. Welcome on board, the destination is youth.

21. Mom (1996) vs Daughter (2018). Life is good at repeating masterpieces.

22. The ultimate foreshadowing! From ring bearer and flower girl to #couplegoals

23. Same photo nearly 30 years apart. The baby in the first photo is holding his own son in the second.

What are the things or feelings that have stayed constant regardless of any changes in your life? Maybe there are similar photo stories in your family? Please share your discoveries in the comments.

Preview photo credit xCPsgnb/imgur


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#5 made me kinda sad... why did we stop reading books in the metro? When I take the bus or the metro, I always like to read a book no matter how long the ride :)


The cowlick on number 4 is just to die for haha. I love hairs that do that ?


Number five makes me want to live in the old days when technology was a thing ?


I love the facts that the dog´s owners of number 9 thought about the future when buying his bed haha.


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