20 Relaxed Cats Who’ll Feel at Home Everywhere

4 years ago

There’s definitely no place like home, but that saying has nothing to do with cats. That they can make themselves comfortable under any circumstances and have this interesting ability to turn any spot they find into a throne, where they’re the king. And it seems they have no limits, since we’ve managed to find them curled up everywhere.

Here at Bright Side we’ve collected some pictures of cats that have made the most random places their own and they’re beyond satisfied with it.

1. Even the copy machine somehow happens to be a perfect bed.

2. Kings of the ruins

3. “King of sinks”

4. “If I fits, I sits.”

5. Cat nest

6. There are truly no limits for cats.

7. “We will attack at dawn.”

8. This cat totally owns this statue.

9. It seems that in Turkey cats have the same rights as people.

10. We’ll take this one too.

11. This cat found a way to relax while his human was shopping.

12. Catocado $15.99

13. King of the Mall

14. Hiding level: Expert

15. Sure, make yourself comfortable.

16. Nothing special, just chilling on the roof like he owns the world.

17. “Advanced ticketing system for public transportation in Istanbul”

18. It’s not where you lie down that makes you the king, but how you lie down.

19. Leaving already?

20. “Mom’s cat sleeps in the oddest places...”

What is the strangest place you’ve ever spotted a cat? Share with us in comments.

Preview photo credit corpuser / pikabu, aaavril / imgur


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