20 Tourists Who Found Out There’s No Place Like Home the Hard Way

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After so much work and responsibilities, there is nothing better than saying goodbye to our colleagues for a while, and to take a well-deserved vacation. But misfortune doesn’t take holidays; sometimes, it even travels with you to turn your dream trip into a nightmare.

1. “Found in the hotel bathroom.”

2. “Welcome to my honeymoon.”

3. “My hotel in Seattle. Seems legit.”

4. “I found this in a Hungarian hotel, and its just too relatable.”

5. “This hotel I stayed at said it was 40 dollars, and I knew that couldn’t be true.”

“68 for 12 hours with a 50-dollar deposit. I had 40 lbs of luggage I had to carry up 4 flights of stairs because the elevator was broken too.”

6. “Came back to a pitch black hotel room, then turned on the light.”

7. “The window in my hotel room.”

8. “Japanese hotel, room service pizza.”

9. “I stayed in a perfect hotel... for The Smurfs.”

10. “This is $70 worth of room service. My ‘rare’ steak-frites.”

11. “They canceled our room reservation 1 hour before we were supposed to check in, leaving us to stand in the rain in a foreign country.”

12. “Thought I’d share the quality work on this $900/night place in Burnaby, B.C.”

13. “B&B Linen closet before/after.”

14. “The neck break in this B&B.”

15. “Found a camera in my room. It was halfway behind the painting, with only the lens peeking out.”

“We discovered it because we heard it clicking after my girl and I got out of the shower.”

16. “This glass door in my hotel bathroom. Not for privacy, and there is no fan. It is only good for running into in the middle of the night.”

17. “I found this in my hotel room tonight. A slightly ajar door to a loft that’s out of reach. Goodbye sleeping.”

18. “The stuff a hotel I’m staying calls ’toilet paper.’”

19. “The window in this hotel is blocked by wood.”

20. “The cleaning ladies at my hotel left the door open to the closet where they keep the clean bedsheets and soaps.”

What was the worst unforeseen event you had on a trip? How did you solve it? We surely will find it useful to know your tricks to have a peaceful vacation.

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