21 Big-Hearted People Who Prove Each of Us Can Lighten This World

4 years ago

People can truly surprise you with random acts of kindness and they do these things simply because they can. It does not take a superhero in a cool suit to make someone’s day or make someone’s life easier. It just takes a willing heart that does not even expect a thank you.

Bright Side is touched by the deeds of some of these unsung heroes and believes that this goodness needs to be spread.

1. A woman nonchalantly fixed this torn seat on her bus ride.

2. To honor their dad and grandpa, they did a good deed at the hardware store.

3. A sheep was given cookies and water while its sick master was being taken care of in the hospital.

4. “Someone left a giant box of lemons to share in front of the neighborhood mailbox.”

5. A homeless musician who was borrowing guitars to busk on the street was given an acoustic guitar.

6. A random stranger left the car owner a toy of the same character as the sticker on their car.

7. This man saw an old lady struggling to bag her grocery items, so he stopped and held her bag open for her.

8. Nothing else is asked in return, except to pay it forward.

9. This FedEx driver was caught in an act of kindness while shoveling snow off a woman’s porch who had just lost her husband to cancer.

10. Someone put brightly colored tape on an uneven sidewalk so that others could be aware of it.

11. “People leave their spare quarters at a cash only air pumps for those who don’t have them.”

12. An anonymous person made a guy, who just had his leg amputated, feel included by sending him a bear that looks like him.

13. “My landlord put this in the lobby today on the first rainy day of fall.”

14. A Wendy’s employee went the extra mile to give great service by walking an elderly customer to their car with an umbrella.

15. This Disney employee gave a wonderful birthday gift to a girl who lost her eyesight by letting her feel her crown and dress.

16. Filling empty stomachs is one of the kindest acts of humanity.

17. Hoping for better tomorrows for the kids, these men give free classes under a metro bridge in New Delhi, India.

18. Free interview outfit cleaning service for the unemployed

19. Words of condolences for the loss of a colleague

20. A treat for anyone who wants to use the snack machine

21. This man carried an elderly woman who did not have the strength to climb up the stairs.

Which of these would you have done yourself? What acts of kindness have you done “just because” and how would you pay it forward if you received kindness from others?

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How I love those heart-warming stories. This gives me hope in the humanity once again. Thank you for sharing ?


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