22 Adorable Chinchilla Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

4 years ago

Chinchillas are adorable animals native to South America that have gradually become a domesticated pet. Looking like a cross between a squirrel and a bunny, they are known for their delicate nature; they have to clean themselves with pumice dust baths because water would make them sick!

Bright Side has collected images of some of the cutest chinchillas guaranteed to make your day!

1. Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day...

2. They say it’s waiting for someone to kiss them awake.

3. We can picture it singing, “Somewhere, out there...”

4. There’s just so much of it to love!

5. Who needs a whole bouquet of flowers when you have a chinchilla?

6. Everybody likes to dress up now and again.

7. A chinchilla is like a friend you just can’t get rid of.

8. Even chinchillas embrace the holiday spirit!

9. Who is that handsome devil?

10. A high five is just a chinchilla away.

11. Brothers and sisters should always practice the art of sharing.

12. There’s no such thing as too fluffy.

13. Any gift is a gift from the heart...when it comes to a chinchilla.

14. “I’ve got an angel on my shoulder...”

15. 3 chinchillas are 3 times the fun!

16. Love that fits in the palm of your hand

17. Perfect...nobody suspects it isn’t a rabbit...

18. Nothing is more universal than the love of food.

19. Once upon a time, there was a papa chinchilla, a mama chinchilla, and a baby chinchilla...

20. A bath helps everyone stay at their best.

21. Remember, love is the answer to all of life’s problems.

22. Now, let’s end with a smile!

Bonus: Okay, that was so cute, you get a cookie!

Chinchillas just make life a little better. Do you have a pet chinchilla? Share your pictures and let us know what you think!


OMG!! They are so cute! i want to change my Christmas wish list right now)

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