22 Fabulous Design Ideas That Make Us Squeal With Excitement

4 years ago

A collection of ideas about how to make your home stand out from more traditional designs will inspire you to make some changes and turn your house into a place that’s anything but ordinary. And if your house has limited space, this article will show you some great tricks on how to use your space to the max.

Bright Side came across some interesting designs — some are practical and some are original, but all of them deserve to be checked out.

1. Perfect repurposing of a drying rack for a sewing guru

2. Get this countertop with an integrated drain and you won’t have to worry about the dish rack ever again.

3. Add a Venice street scene to your stairs.

4. A small bathroom can fit everything it needs when designed right.

5. Add some color to every part of your house.

6. This over the door drying rack can be set-up and taken down in seconds.

7. This 2-in-1 device is perfect for both the pet and the owner.

8. This over-the-door shoe storage will help you to keep everything in the right place.

9. A dog’s bed under the bed will make everyone happy.

10. The wooden design gives the impression of countryside warmth and the creative touch adds some personality.

11. This cupboard towel hanger is perfect for a kitchen — you can easily move it around and put it away when you don’t need it.

12. An over-the-door organizer is an unbeatable space-saver.

13. This table will become your favorite piece of furniture — have your coffee on it or use a laptop on it while you’re still cozy in bed.

14. With this suction cup window shelf, you can create a little indoor garden.

15. With this shelf, you’ll find the best spot for chopping boards and they will never fall on your feet again.

16. The room under the table can also be utilized.

17. This is a wooden wall-mounted coat rack. It’s practical, convenient, and thoughtful — pull the hooks out only when you need them.

18. This cabinet door garbage bag holder is so simple! Just hang it over the cupboard door when you’re cooking and remove it when you’re finished.

19. It’s a foldable multi-purpose storage rack that can be set up in seconds!

20. You can even use it for potted plants.

21. Add some 3D elements to your house.

22. This wall storage shelf with removable hooks allows you to create your own design.

Do you like unusual design or do you prefer the traditional look? What do you think about handy devices? Do you have some interesting ideas to add to this collection? Tell us about your favorite designs in the comments below.

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Indoor garden is a really good idea. You can grow fresh herbs there, so it will always look beautiful and you will not have to buy them anymore :)


I really like wooden design! It makes the whole space so cozy and calm :)


#3 I thought it was a real photo taken behind some ladder in Venice! Omg, amazing!


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