22 Wild Things You Will Only See in Alaska

5 years ago

What do we all know about Alaska, except that it’s freezing cold there? Not much, as it turns out. For one, they have some peculiar laws regarding moose: for example, you can’t view or push them from a plane and you can’t whisper in someone’s ear while hunting them! Alas, Alaska.

We at Bright Side found out there are many more crazy things Alaska has to offer to its people and tourists. Have a look!

1. A jacuzzi spa day out in the wild — yes, please!

2. Alaska’s definition of a cool outdoor party:

3. In case your travel-trailer needs to poop...

4. Why not use fishing accessories as material for your dress?

5. Alaska, where a girl catches a sea monster, and not the other way round.

6. That awesome moment when fishing goes to a whole new level:

7. Guess it’s all because of great fishing buddies!

8. And sometimes you’re the one who is the prey.

9. They say marriage is like walking on thin ice...

10. When your only chance for a beach holiday is putting up some fake palm trees:

11. Forget about pictures — in Alaska they hang horns above their fireplaces.

12. Seeing unusual objects on the road is kind of common. Like, aircraft.

13. You might think they’re being too cautious...

14. But the danger is real!

15. Northern Lights dessert with some fairy dust on top, please!

16. Disney wasn’t thinking of surfing when they made “Frozen,” were they?

17. Anyone know where a husky service station is around here?

18. Iced coffee is more than just coffee with ice around here.

19. When in doubt — take both at once.

20. And the prize in the pet-walking contest goes to... the reindeer owner!

21. Now that’s what we call a fully equipped and dedicated photographer.

22. Didn’t know waste collection services were hiring...

Now who wouldn’t like to visit this awesome place after seeing that! Just make sure to equip yourself with a bear-proof coat, a thermos mug, and some very good repellent.

Tell us in the comments which totally wild thing has made you say “Wow!” And please, share more if you are from Alaska yourself.


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