23 Photos That Prove You’ll Never Get Bored If You Have a Cat

3 years ago

Cats have truly unique personalities. They can be unpredictable, persuasive, affectionate, joyful, and bossy! It’s amazing how they can show us all of their possible emotions in just one very expressive look. It’s true — once you bring a cat into your home, life will never be boring again.

Bright Side made a funny collection of cat photos for you. These cute little guys will show you what real emotions look like.

1. “My cat does this thing...”

2. “How my cat Dave was laying... He does this all the time!”

3. “This cat is really excited about water.”

4. “Did you seriously just ask me-ow to move over. Clearly you forgot ze bed is mine from 7 a.m. — 8 p.m.”

5. “Yeaaah weekend!”

6. “That moment you realize you ran out of cat treats”

7. “Your face when you’ve been woken up too early”

8. “That is my face when I have to yawn, but still need to see what‘s going on.”

9. “Caught him in the act.”

10. I may look fierce, but I’m really very nice."

11. “When Monday comes in strong...”

12. “I caught a mouse yesterday and it was THIS big!”

13. “I’m a big boy now. Look, I can even roar... well, at least I’m trying.”

14. “An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough.”

15. “Birds outside the window”

16. “Is that my toy you’re holding?”

17. “Can you tell that I already planned my revenge?”

18. “Alaska can be such a lady. And also not a lady.”

19. “Someone was screaming outside our apartment, Ben was very concerned.”

20. “Wazzup people.”

21. “Funniest joke ever”

22. “Told her to get off the counter...”

23. “My sister’s cat always looks angry.”

How did your pet surprise you today? Please show us their pics in the comments!


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